Man wearing a candid shoes by the police caught a candid downtown (map) kairui

Man wearing a "candid shoes" by the police caught a candid downtown map (map) for special camera shoes, red circle for the camera. Figure for the police photo taken for the specially photographed shoes, red circle at the camera. Police photo Beijing, Chongqing, September 13 (Sun Hanmin Liu Xianglin) a man wearing sneakers with a camera, looking for women wear dresses skirts candid street. 13, the man was arrested on the streets of Chongqing when the crime was arrested on the spot. On the morning of 13, the Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station two police Fanpa as usual in the street patrol. A police patrol to the farmer’s market, a middle-aged man caused a suspicious appearance and movements pocketing the police’s attention. The man’s strange behavior, always love to wear a skirt around women together, also put in the hands of the mobile phone to naturally or half unconsciously by the female lower body. After confirming that the man has a problem, the police immediately stepped forward, the woman will be photographed at the end of his arrest, and bring it back to the police station for further investigation. In the police station, the police on the man’s belongings were searched, and conducted a trial. The man surnamed Zhang, 35 year old, who lives in Chongqing, Yubei District. Police found a part of the photos and videos in the camera phone, shooting the contents of women’s skirts. According to Zhang explained, was arrested on the same day, he has been photographed in the agricultural market several women’s skirts. After the police investigation that Zhang will be transferred into the mobile phone black screen shot, while women do not pay attention to bending when photographed. Because the mobile phone is black state, candid generally will not be found. In addition, Zhang also has a secret device: a pair of black sports shoes. The shoes are equipped with a special micro camera, which can be controlled by a mini wireless remote control. Zhang while women do not pay attention to the feet to the bottom of the women’s skirts, and then remote candid camera. Currently, the police are further investigation. Police remind, women in the dress to be vigilant, transportation vehicles, stairs should pay more attention to the surrounding circumstances, once found suspicious behavior, or no reason to close themselves and hover around especially needs to pay attention to. When the other wretched behavior must be scolded each other, and seek to help the people around, quickly call alarm call, do not encourage each other with embarrassment arrogance.相关的主题文章: