Magic red Sao when upgrading dad! Delayed performance to meet her daughter

Magic red Sao when upgrading dad! Delayed performance when the daughter Ying Sao supermodel wife gave birth to daughter pregnant wife according to Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported the magic red band (Maroon 5) lead singer Adam Livy (Adam Levine) announced in March his wife Prince (Behati Prinsloo) Beihadi exposed pregnant after they often share on social networking sites is about a father’s joy recently, the news spread daughter has been born, then spokesman also confirmed that "Adam was a father"! Adam recently issued a statement to cancel and postpone many concerts, the reason is Behati Prince dew has to be produced, so do not want to miss the moment of the birth of a child, also want to accompany the wife, "this is the life, although very complex but very beautiful." In the end, I apologize for the inconvenience. According to the magazine, awaited him in 21 days in California, happy to greet the arrival of his daughter, and the daughter named "Dusty Rose Levine". Magic red Adam is called "the world’s most sexy singer" in 2014, and is 10 years, 2 years between "Vitoria’s Secret" hot mode Behati Prince dew marriage, girls do not let fans heartbroken, previously when interviewed excitedly said "I’m ready to be a father, although around relatives and friends offer plenty of advice, but the couple have been discussing a good parenting methods, but he always wanted to have a big family, even exaggeration to say want to have 100 children, now have the first child, the fans also have the influx of 2 people IG best wishes. (ETToday text)相关的主题文章: