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Lv Zhihe: the Macao gambling industry has bottomed out in the past two years, Macao gaming industry downturn, but recently has been showing signs of bottoming out. In August 25th, Macao known as the new king, the Milky Way Entertainment (0027.HK) chairman Lv Zhihe said the results of the meeting, nearly two months, the Macao gaming industry has gradually bottomed out, and slowly upward trend. August 25th, Galaxy Entertainment announced interim results in 2016. As of the end of June, the Milky Way entertainment recorded revenues of HK $25 billion 500 million, an increase of 1%. During the period, the company launched a cost savings plan, a total savings of HK $800 million, to promote a substantial increase in the profit attributable to shareholders of 26% to HK $2 billion 600 million. Over the past few years, the Macao gaming industry benefited from mainland tourists betting big income, record high frequency. Macao gaming revenue in February 2014 hit a record, reaching 38 billion 7 million yuan in Macao. But in 2014, in effect Chinese economic slowdown, the mainland against corruption and other factors, the Macao gambling market a sudden turn for the worse. The Macao gaming Inspection Bureau data show that as of the end of July 2016, the Macao gaming revenue has fallen for 26 consecutive months. July 2016 gaming revenue fell to 17 billion 774 million yuan in Macao. Although the Macao gaming revenue decline has not stopped, but the decline has been narrowed by double digits, down to low single digit. January 2016, Macao gaming revenue fell 20% year on year, in July, this figure has dropped to 4.5%. This makes Macao gaming industry hopes. Lv Zhihe said, although Macao’s overall improved, but the VIP business picked up slowly, may also need a year or so to pick up, if not better, it is necessary to consider the transformation. In the past, VIP Hall is the main source of profit for the Macao casino. In the past two years, Macao casinos have begun to expand the midfield business, the rising middle class in the mainland, is regarded as the main customer base. The eldest son of Lv Zhihe, vice chairman of the Milky Way entertainment Lv Yaodong said, in the past the Milky Way entertainment lounge and a profit of 60% and 40% respectively with the midfield, the first half of 2016, the two part of the business profit accounted for more than 50%, and the midfielder business continues to increase. In order to reverse the decline of Macao’s Gambling company, a busy adjusting lounge and the midfielder business accounting, on the other hand is also trying to add more non gaming elements. Lv Zhihe said, the Milky Way entertainment next will build the three phase and four phase of the project, of which 90% will be non gaming elements involved in catering, shopping and entertainment to the world, Macao is the recreation center of transformation, which is a good thing. Wen Geng Hefa from Hongkong for more details, welcome to search public number: WeChat financial Tencent (financeapp).相关的主题文章: