Luneng 18 people out of the war Hengda will be absent for 99 years, new or debut (video) ()-ratatouille

18 people in three Luneng Hengda will miss 99 years or new debut in the thirtieth round of prospective TEDA Greentown strive to meet again Quezhan echelon Sui Lu Hao Junmin Qilu news network October 30th (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) Taishan Luneng 29 evening arrived in Guangzhou, and preparing for the Guangzhou Hengda super finale, the team was cancelled before Caichang training course according to the official news, Luneng, the game, Hao Junmin, Yang Xu and Qi Tianyu will be absent. As usual, Magath’s Luneng coach brought 18 people to Guangzhou, and Yang Xu, Hao Junmin and Qi Tianyu’s absence corresponds to 99 years teenager Chen Zhechao and striker Guo Tianyu in the squad. The Luneng Taishan team arrived in Guangzhou, the list of 18 people: Wang Dalei, Han Rongze, Song Long, Gil, Li Songyi, Tong Wang, Zhao Mingjian (data), Wu Xinghan, Usire, Cisse, relaxation, Liu Yang, Chen Zhechao, Pele, Guo Tianyu, Li Wei, Wang Jiong and Dai Lin. From this list is not difficult to see, in addition to Chen Zhechao and Guo Tianyu to Liu Yang and Wang Jiong, the two young coach Magath once again into the squad, this is a good sign for the young players, these players will have more opportunities to nature in the coming year, after all the 2017 season for Luneng, no AFC Champions League task the team’s goal, nature is to adjust, change and forge ahead, "2017, in return for you!" Luneng Club has so stated.相关的主题文章: