Lucid dream set the next year, said Park Yu Chun part of the omission-aizi

"Lucid dream" scheduled next year, said Park Yu Chun is not part of "lucid dream" cut scene photos Tencent entertainment news (the fantasy thriller "Remy) lucid dream" (Director: Jin Juncheng) because the actor Park Yu Chun’s "sex scandal" event was postponed indefinitely. After a long wait, lucid dream finally set file in January 4th next year, officially released in korea. Recently lucid dream of the production side of a Korean media said, originally scheduled for release in autumn this year, lucid dream has been postponed until January next year." They also said, "in June, after Park Yu Chun was charged with sexual assault," lucid dreaming, "the production company and distribution company NEW has done a lot of discussion. The film was supposed to be released in the fall, and it was embarrassing because of the sudden events." They explained, "especially in the film as a mysterious figure to help Gao Xiu in the film, there is no flexibility in the editing of the activities of the Park Yu Chun. Producers and distributors NEW adjusted the timing of the release of the film according to the direction of the scandal. So lucid dreams are set for release in January 4th next year. Even so, there are still released may be rescheduled." As the Park Yu Chun military service before the last work, "lucid dream" in April last year filming, and fixing June. After a year of the film’s post production, and is expected to be released this year. "The issue of" lucid dream company is NEW, the company is also responsible for the first half of this year, KBS2 popular drama "the sun" the descendants of the issue and make it become hot drama. "Lucid dream" was originally scheduled to stall in the autumn of this year, because the cast lineup and much audience expectations. However, with the occurrence of Park Yu Chun in June of this year, lucid dreams had to be postponed indefinitely. In the production side is also a lot of people think, should be part of the Park Yu Chun cut off as much as possible to re release. But it’s not that simple. Because in the story, to be able to cut off the part is a certain limit. Lucid dream in many ways into an embarrassing situation, so the film side decided to delay the release of the film, and observe the development of the event before making a decision. Park Yu Chun finally got a no suspect decision, lucid dream of the release is also put on the agenda, scheduled for next year’s January 4th release. And the film side decided that Park Yu Chun will not make any part of the deletion. "Lucid dream" is a fantasy thriller, about three years ago lost the children of men found clues through lucid dreams, in the way of dream and reality of the struggle of the story. The film by Xue Gengqiu, Gao Xiu, Jeong Kang, Park Yu Chun, Pu Renhuan, Qian, all stone tiger really Hao, Li Shi and other star, this movie is a commercial film director Jin Juncheng’s debut. Lucid dreaming is expected to be released in Korea next January 4th. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around! Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: