Love off the U.S. financial GDP data began to improve the Fed officials believe that the rate hike

Aike financial: the United States GDP data better Fed officials think December hike fundamental analysis released yesterday evening in the United States in the two quarter real GDP recorded on repair and better than expected, mainly due to growth in exports than imports, and a substantial increase in enterprise building and equipment investment, the overall economic growth and boost the U.S. economic outlook previously, the Fed was worried about the economic slowdown in the United States, but the data show that economic growth in the United States to regain momentum. The Fed’s Lockhart issued a view that the U.S. economy is not currently meet the goal of full employment and inflation target of 2%, the current signs of labor force participation rate rose slightly, the unemployment rate also further decline, expected GDP growth will be close to 2% at the end of this year. The Fed hinted that the interest rate hike may not be too far, December seems to be appropriate to raise interest rates. In a report to clients, the French bank strategist in Paris said that the dollar seems to be more expensive than the interest rate and the stock, which is likely to fall in the coming weeks. Set the internal model of BNP Paribas Bank reported 1.2887 pounds of fair value, the market for the Bank of England [micro-blog] to further relax the policy expectation is too conservative, BNP Paribas Bank economists expected in November will cut interest rates 15 basis points, to reflect the current price of about 5 basis points. The Bank of England Shafik said on Wednesday that the sustainable development depends on the policy to further relax the possible point in the next few weeks and months of data, BNP Paribas Bank said that the British data feed the rest of the year will imply that the economic slowdown, and support the Bank of England in November to take a relaxed policy action. Technical analysis of the United States and Japan in the market yesterday, the success of a breakthrough after 101 of this strong pressure position, the short term into a bull trend. Compare unfortunately yesterday the Bulls did not hold victories, the 101.40 position of the broken bits again indicates that the market continue to return to the shock interval. Today’s strategy: 100.85 to do more, stop loss of 100.65, only surplus of $101.30. Our 4 hour chart gains slowed down, in the current exchange rate fluctuated pattern. Shock interval in 1.3060-1.3200, today the exchange rate climbed to shock interval along, is expected to fall down. Today’s strategy: 1.3200 short, stop loss of 1.3220, profit margin of only $1.3100. The radical may be price to 1.3100 after the backhand to do more. Other investment products, we can focus on crude oil callback short opportunity, crude oil prices rose sharply yesterday under the stimulation of the agreement. But on the daily chart, the price of crude oil is still not a breakthrough 48.50 mark, is expected to be back in the finishing. This strategy: 48.40 short, stop 48.65, only 47.50, broken bits hold. Calendar 16:30  UK second quarter GDP final value of 17:00  the initial value of the euro area in September CPI annual 17:00  the euro zone unemployment rate in August 20:30  Canada July GDP annual rate of 20.相关的主题文章: