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Look in Karp blue speed appreciation celebrities Cobra 1963 Competition Watch – Sohu [home] watch watch tasting the middle of the last century, after the end of World War II in the United States, racing to usher in a legendary era, was born in 1948 in the United States NCSCC, established a national nature of the car racing alliance, will be incorporated into the organization of the real management. At that time, racing has long been popular in European countries, and spawned a number of car manufacturing companies, such as Ferrari in Italy. In 1950s, Ferrari in the racing world to become the dominant generation, in 1960s, the United States car racing legend Carroll Shelby for the challenge of racing cars, making his dream model Cobra. Cobra was born in 1962 to win the FIA Race championship in September 1963, Shelby and Cobra became the legendary representative of the American car in the year of twentieth Century. In 2015, the famous Swiss watch brand celebrities with American Shelby company to cooperate, in 1963 Shelby Cobra famous CSX2128 models as the prototype, build SHELBY® Cobra Cobra "Spiritof Competition" limited edition watch, the watch’s tribute speed, model M0A10281. In 1961, Shelby found AC Cars British car company, hope to create chassis for the sports car he had imagined, this special car models will be equipped with American made V8 engine, Shelby later found a Ford engine, on 1962, this car roadster assembled, and named Cobra, by Shelby and his friend Dean Moon test. In May 1962, Cobra has the first car racing car, followed by the Shelby team, racing, until September 1963, Dan Gurney won the FIA Race championship, becoming the first American car driver (it was Cobra models participating) won the game of American racer. Famous Shelby® Cobra Cobra watch original No.15 racing classic style, and have rich functions — timing and speed of the car speed characteristics. From the origin of the original timing technology since the horse race countdown function in the field of meter leap development, functional time continues to appear in the game, and is widely used in the race, with the speed function, become a kind of standard, popular in the car timing instrument. The appearance of scholar Karp blue Shelby® Cobra Cobra watch celebrities 2016 SIHH, was to promote the cooperation with the United States Shelby company timepiece achievements, including Cobra and Cobra watch Competition watch, Competition watch the difference is the use of rubber watchband, watchcase middle) by A相关的主题文章: