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Look at the cost of eggs from the egg to see why the fall endlessly Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Egg 1701 contract from the beginning of the July high of 3850 all the way down to 3250, fell to 16% in just 3 months, there appears to be no Guaitou. What is the reason for the price of eggs so "stumble" endlessly, whether or not with the same layer of starch processing as a dog? Today, we look at the cost of laying hens from the point of view. At present, China’s egg farming structure is still 5 thousand -3 million small family farm type breeding units. We take a couple of 10 thousand commercial management layers, no workers under the conditions of the breeding cost as an example. First, laying hens breeding cost, generally include the following aspects: 1, chicken, only about 2.8-3.5 yuan. 2016 average 3 yuan only. 2, feed (1) feeding period (0 ~ April), during the period of egg intake increased from 0 to 110g day, the average feed consumption of about 0.055kg days, during which estimated the consumption of feed 6.6kg, at 4-4.5 yuan kg, the cost of 29.7 yuan during the high value, after all the chicken to eat a little better. (2) laying period (from 5 to 17 months), the average daily consumption of about 0.11kg per chicken feed, resulting in consumption of about 43kg during the calculation of the feed, the price of 1.8-2.2 yuan kg, the average cost of $86. 3, epidemic prevention fees, including: growth period (from 0 to April), in the absence of a large outbreak, the growth period of the epidemic prevention fee of about $4 per chicken in general about 2 yuan / only. Laying period (5 ~ 17 months), in the absence of a large outbreak of epidemic prevention costs generally about $1 / only. Vaccination costs of about 3 yuan. 4, water, electricity, only about 0.3 yuan. 5, fixed assets depreciation. Different degrees of automation and standard input differences, generally in the 30-100 yuan range, only ten thousand small-scale family farming mode, an average of only 35 yuan, depreciation for 5 years. Every chicken 7 yuan a year. In the condition of no artificial cost, the total cost of laying hens = + + premium + chicks feed prevention utilities + depreciation of fixed assets: 129 yuan, two of total income, income of the average egg laying hens 1 hens in each one breeding cycle (17 months) laying about 20kg, considering the average mortality rate was 5%. A breeding cycle 19kg. 2, out of the chicken after laying hens in 17 months, that is, to lay off the sale of eggs after a total of 1 years. Out of the average 2kg out of the chicken feather weight, an average price of 8 yuan kg, considering the mortality rate of 5%, out of the chicken income of only 15 yuan. 3, chicken manure chicken manure organic fertilizer is income although very good, but the information asymmetry between buyers and sellers, not be able to give some directly into income. So we don’t think about it for the time being. 4, total revenue total general相关的主题文章: