Living-Will “Living in prosperity while your other foot was stepping in the shadows of danger.” Could you relate to the quoted sentence

Living-Will "リビングin prosperity while your other footそれはstepping in the shadowsオブdanger."Could you relate to the quoted sentence?アワー航空lives and yoursますそれはアンダーtheと同じpassageます. When youトークaboutリビングthere will alwaysbethe risk、and there were no exemption to it . The concernオブMY father andそれは私concern theファミリーます. My fatherワーキングoffshore andそれusually it takesカップルオブmonths before he could went home、それhe renderingサービスアンダーa maritime . pany . He is awareよりmaritime industry isとオブthe most riskiest among others though the workers earn盛り上がる.pensation . pared to other employee?is.それよりmaritime it industry considered asとオブthe most riskiest industry?And何それres theponseオブthe government regarding it?These were the questionsよりbother theマインドオブMY father when heファーストsteeped at the officeオブtheir . pany . Itそれはa normal responseオブa newly hired employee、のためにhim thingsそれはないyetクリアさん、そして何を.

Living-Will "Living in prosperity while your other foot was stepping in the shadows of danger." Could you relate to the quoted sentence? Our lives and yours too was under the same passage too. When you talk about living there will always be the risk, and there were no exemption to it. The concern of my father and the family was my concern too. My father was working offshore and usually it takes couple of months before he could went home, he was rendering service under a maritime .pany. He is aware that maritime industry is one of the most riskiest among others though the workers earn high .pensation .pared to other employee. Why is it that maritime industry was considered as one of the most riskiest industry? And what was the response of the government regarding it? These were the questions that bother the mind of my father when he first steeped at the office of their .pany. It was a normal response of a newly hired employee, for him things was not yet clear enough, so what he did? He read notes, researched and watched videos and current update to cleared his mind. He find out a law which was passed by senator Wesley Jones, the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which was .monly known as the Jones Act, this was in response to the health issues of the maritime workers and at the same time serves as their protection while working under the above mentioned industry. That was very close to the total answer, the next step was to find an individual that could explain to him the detail of the law, an expert, well experienced, and trust worthy. A family friend told him to contact a Jones Act Lawyer, these lawyers were focused on the maritime law and Jones act and to the personal injury claims of the worker working under the maritime industry. So he did, and it was explained and everything became clear, he was without doubts to be neglected by his employer, and confident that he was protected by a law. It is always safe to seek for the answer to your doubts and there is nothing with it, all you need to do is trust and don not hesitate to ask. In choosing a Jones act lawyer, always be wise and select the finest that will not just promised and end up referring you to another lawyer but the one who could assess you all the way. 。