Liu Xiang picked up the microphone round singer Guo Jingjing burst almost out of the record (video)

Liu Xiang picked up the microphone round singer dream Guo Jingjing burst almost out of the record [Abstract] recently, there are a group of friends exposed a photo of the bar appeared in Liu Xiang. In the photo, "Xiangfei people" in a bar, and a man wearing glasses, and a foreign female singer to sing. Liu Xiang married love to Sing Tao covers & #21894; Jay Chou be nothing difficult Tencent entertainment news recently, some netizens exposed a group of photos of Liu Xiang appeared in the bar. In the photo, "Xiangfei people" in a bar, and a man wearing glasses, and a foreign female singer to sing. As can be seen from the photos, standing in the middle of the stage, Liu Xiang’s mood seems pretty good, the scene of the atmosphere seems to have reached the boom. In this regard, onlookers have also said: "Michael" curiosity ". This was to change when the singer’s rhythm?" Unfortunately, the incarnation of Liu Xiang Blues Singers actually encounter "life weaknesses." originally, Liu Xiang was in Shenzhen TV recording of the universal racing reality show "the amazing race third season, photographs of the man wearing glasses is Liu Xiang in the program partner Xu Qifeng. According to friends broke the news, because it is early in the birthplace of the blues – Atlanta recording, program group set up the blues challenge task, Liu Xiang and partner Xu Qifeng is "right", appeared on stage to sing the size of Atlanta pub. Never thought the challenge content is just stamp "Xiangfei people" "short board", so he shouted: "I have never been disturbed before singing, this is the first time, but also with the band." Nevertheless, Liu Xiang quickly adjust the state, dedicated to the melody and lyrics of the fast memory war. After a while, he finished school, a small stage appeared in local bars, was the scene warm atmosphere to indulge in singing, the audience applauded too hard for him. "Very interesting, first sing the blues, the feeling is not so difficult," a tune sings, "Xiang trapeze" is fun. Not only the hurdle also cross-border Guo Jingjing admit Xiang night almost when the singer records the fact that the stage for Liu Xiang is not the first time a bright throat singing. As early as in the Putuo District school reading, Liu Xiang began singing talent, every year will be selected to participate in the competition area. He also worked with Hu Yanbin, Ku Kui Kei and other well-known musicians, including S.H.E, Jay Chou, Willber Pan et al., on the Xiang night singing greatly. 2015 Laurence World Sports Awards, although Liu Xiang has been singing after exit, but the site still has a lot of the audience shouted his name, this battle even caused the audience chorus Lee Hom as strange, including the ceremony director Russell Thomas had repeatedly praised, said: "I did not expect, Liu Xiang singing is so great!" For Liu Xiang chose to sing this task, Guo Jingjing and the couple also have a say in the right of the. "When Liu Xiang in 04 years with the Olympic delegation to visit Hong Kong, is singing." Kenneth Fok, in the best of spirits to recall 12 years ago the scene. Guo Jingjing also added broke the news: I heard that the 04 Olympic Games have not compared to the time, he said that if he did not win the championship, he came up with records." Just this one back.相关的主题文章: