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Liu Shishi William Chan "drunk love strong double space-time exquisite" top team – Liu Shishi William Chan entertainment Sohu "Sohu" mignon entertainment news adaptation network god fourteen night beautiful masterpiece of the TV series of the same name "drunken exquisite", released creative and starring lineup before: the play by the new faction culture company produced by. Have a hand "to create" the flower and bone producer Tang Lijun, director Lin Yufen, fourteen night, Chen Wenjuan, Rao Chun, Dong Xinru, William Chan, Liu Shishi screenwriter, Xu Haiqiao and other co owners play. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to "spend thousands of bones" to build the original class creative, as well as first-line artistes, small new partner to join the drama behind the production team is called the film top lineup — style director Zhang Shuping, Fang Sizhe, design art director Chen Haozhong, martial arts director Li Cai. Behind the scenes big coffee lineup assembled, trying to focus on the artisan spirit polished 2017 "drunk" fantasy Machiavellian double space-time strong love movie "Mignon". This is the first time the dual frame of the domestic TV world view, to create the concept of multiple space. Liu Shishi + William Chan, "drunk" fresh partner it "because of drunk poem Ting" (interesting) during the Shanghai TV Festival in June this year, the new faction culture media was held after the establishment of the first project to share conference. As a key project promotion of drama "exquisite" drunk after being exposed, will lead to the majority of users of the protagonist of the heated discussion and speculation. The day before the party finally officially released the film starring Liu Shishi, William Chan, Xu Haiqiao and other star. Liu Shishi + William Chan "drunk" fresh combination, the imperial guards witch + double space-time intense love, strong female + male strong fantasy tactics…… "Drunk" the first wave of the exquisite hit a group full of chemical reaction of the new partner, can let a person have to shout "never thought", the combination of Liu Shishi and William Chan to the most popular saying: "well, this is because of drunk poem Ting" (interesting). Liu Shishi’s family is the dust Feng Qing holy witch, her heart is filled with sly wit, and toughness of self and the fate of the struggle consciousness, mature and independent, "witch" is set so that the role of full of mystery, and Liu Shishi inside the most diversified and most free, most powerful side corresponds to a high degree. William Chan yuan Ling plays is the prince, a mysterious commander, known as God said! He is full of deep thoughts, wolf, bear a strong ego, all control and tolerance. The seemingly cold unfeeling, the profound friendship, insist on its own way to protect all! No longer just overbearing emperor, Yuan Ling complex multi-faceted character, there is a great space to play and performance, but also to William Chan’s explosive performance is highly anticipated. Xu Haiqiao earlier due to "flower and bone" and "rebirth of the celebrity superstar" and Tang Lijun become attached to the team, he played in the drama of the yuan Zhan gentle elegance, a jade flute world, Ming Yu like he use flexible wrist, a great contrast with the surface cold Ling yuan. "Flower and bone" original class creative +360 of top team to polish artisan spirit of sincerity to make "drunk" Linglong Chupin new faction culture media by the producers"相关的主题文章: