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Marketing Why do I write articles? Hmm… I have 3 good reasons, actually. The first one is because I like to help people. I do have a coaching program that’s very expensive. Yet, I still like to give back some of what I’ve learned. When I was just starting out, I wanted the best people to teach me about list building, so I interviewed the people with the biggest lists I could find and I learned all I need to know to build a million-dollar business. This is proven information. OK… The second reason why I write articles is for list building purposes. Any successful entrepreneur knows that list building is number one. You have to have a huge list of people who trust you, and who will in turn, trust your re.mendations. Articles are a way to show people that you know what you’re talking about, and it ranks they your list building process. A third reason why I write articles is because I want to drive traffic to my websites. You can advertise in your bio box. Maybe you’ll visit my site, if you enjoy and case use the information in this article. And, I might just entice you to join my list, since an opt-in box is the first thing you’ll see. You know what I say, "Always Be List Building." Search engines are another way to drive traffic. Because articles allow you to have a link on sites that you don’t link to, you get one-way links. This is very important in page ranking, especially at Google. Higher page rank gets you to the top of Google, and your link popularity (how many sites point to yours) helps you to get to the top of the other search engines, too. Those are the three big reasons to write articles, but I actually thought of one more. If you can write well about a subject, people will read your articles, and see you as an expert. Well, actually, if you’ve written that many great articles about something, you are an expert. Oh, wait… there’s one more reason. They never disappear. So, let’s say you write 52 articles this year, one a week. OK, that means in 5 years, you’ll have 260 articles online, and they’ve gone viral and are on a whole bunch of other websites. People are still clicking and going to your link. So, there are really more than just three reasons to write articles. But the big three still stand. List building is essential, so definitely use them for list building, use them to drive traffic, and above all, use them to help people. They will appreciate you for it, and you’ll still be list building and driving traffic. Neat little bow, huh? The only time an article could hurt you is if it’s really bad. I mean, you don’t want to use crap articles, or PLR (private label rights) articles just the way you buy them, that everyone saw before with someone else’s name on top of them. Be smart. If you can’t write, don’t have the time to write, or just don’t want to do it–hire someone to do it for you. It’s just that important. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: