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Liaoning ship crew " identity card; " exposure: 8 color 8 letters can pass the ship – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "stones", this is the greatest feeling China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship officers and soldiers over the past 4 years. Since September 25, 2012 the Liaoning ship formally handed out the Navy aircraft carrier, all officers and men started a new career, completed a number of "for the first time". Even to American officials to visit Liaoning ship aircraft carrier in order to Chinese research training praise. Behind this, especially senior noncommissioned officer pay great efforts. In late October, the Global Times reporter boarded the ship in Liaoning, close to the aircraft carrier to generate the story behind the story. "Senior non commissioned officers are the backbone and clout despite the" Global Times "reporter who saw the Liaoning ship, but when the real board full load displacement of more than 6 tons of aircraft carrier or excited. Compared with the displacement of hundreds of tons, thousands of tons of Destroyer Minesweeper, this is how broad the deck is bigger than a football field. In the end of the starting line is printed with yellow white digital hull number "16" huge, far look like standing on the bow, quietly, but very amazing. The United States Defense Secretary Hagel and the two president of the United States Navy Combat minister Greenert Richardson, recently visiting when they boarded the ship in Liaoning, their concern is more professional. Aircraft carrier as a combat platform, technology between China and the United States are poor, the ability to perform tasks have poor. But the 3 US officials spoke highly of Liaoning ship management — the officers and soldiers in order training and life, good equipment maintenance." Liaoning ship political commissar Li Dongyou on the "Global Times" reporter said. The aircraft carrier is the cause of a new career from scratch in China, as a professional — American counterparts can see natural great soldier: China developed a set of management system in a few years, thousands of people living and training management can promote the scientific research and arranged in good order, and training activities in an orderly manner in accordance with the plan. In the "Global Times" reporter in an interview, this is reflected in many of the details in order. Unlike other destroyer, in addition to the entrance ramp in the carrier is also a whistle, card reader, and when the ship crew from the ship to every card. This card is a Liaoning ship crew of the "identity card", to hang in the chest, at a glance, the Department name, photo annotation. The most important thing is to have a row of stripes of different colors and letters, each color represents different departments, the letter represents the crew was allowed to access the cabin. For example, political commissar Li Dongyou card has 8 colors of 8 letters, which means that he can pass the ship. If there are only 2 colors on the card, the card holder can only access the two compartments, other compartments are not allowed to enter. The ship in Liaoning restaurant: LED on the screen rolling schedule for the day and prompt information; in the recycling plate place, set up a "residual food classification" and "Recyclable" and "Unrecyclable" and other areas; each crew in the milk box in the trash before flattening folded flat. Liaoning ship officers and soldiers, said: so convenient garbage disposal, space saving"相关的主题文章: