Liaoning nearly three hundred years of the Qing Dynasty official said the demolition of the old hous soojin

Liaoning nearly three hundred years of the Qing Dynasty official said the demolition of the old house without the preservation of the value of the old courtyard of the house to retain the integrity of the house, had also lived in the household. Chat client, Liaoshen Evening News reporter Cui Jintao photo special Shen Chaoyang people regret: ginger home can match Shanxi Qiao family courtyard, too bad, remove Department: not included in the heritage protection list, non celebrities, not to preserve the value of herringbone roof, brick tiles, wooden doors and windows, exquisite relief corner…… With this up with a bang, has a nearly 300 year history of the Qing Dynasty houses roof was defeated, the public and the industry have felt sorry to discourage construction team to suspend demolition. People are running around, hoping to be able to retain this place in Lingyuan, the only ancient houses of the Qing dynasty. According to the conclusion of county materials such as field trips, local departments: no preservation value. The old house roof was grilled workers regret fall a month ago, Mr. Lee (a pseudonym) in Lingyuan city in the vicinity of Lingyuan municipal government group. When he was walking to the municipal government back, suddenly heard a loud noise, he looked and found a house roof located here has been removed, dust four, tiles falling. Mr. Li has the research houses of the history of the heart is like broken tiles, was not tight: the Qing Dynasty’s old house, how to say it down? Nearby residents rushed quickly, to discourage construction workers. "Such a good thing on the demolition of it?" "This is a city in the old house, keep after the exhibition is also quite significant?" "This house garden can match Shanxi’s Grand Courtyard, removed a pity." We have to demolish the old house feel puzzled and regret. "We are down when also hesitant, so good things down, but the money to work, we have no way. You can talk to our leaders, he agreed, and we won’t tear it down for the time being." The worker who was in the room. After the communication, the workers temporarily stopped the demolition of several ancient houses. Yesterday, the reporters came to the ancient house — Jiang Jia garden is located in the Lingyuan municipal government after the. The ground covered with red brick courtyard flowers clustered, a fan of the wooden window with bubble near the window, can still smell shares ancient wood out faint fragrance. Due to be included in the scope of demolition, some houses have been demolished roof, but not yet demolished the house can still see its beautiful. In a corner, inscribed with an inverted triangle pattern, the upper part of a lower section of flowers, like fairy dancing in the water, off the layers of waves, the picture is very beautiful, clear and smooth lines, is preserved very well. After Lee engaged in cultural relics related work, this house was built about 300 years ago, the Qing Dynasty is a building, there are currently 7 building courtyard, each consisting of 3 to 5 respectively by courtyard houses, a total of more than 20 houses, the city of Lingyuan is the only one of the ancient houses built in the Qing dynasty. The 84 year old ginger ginger Daquan is the ninth generation, from childhood in the old house to live, he is also very reluctant. "The old things in my hand, alas." The old man spoke choked 6相关的主题文章: