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Marriage-Wedding Many women have been planning their weddings since they were young girls, and the desire for perfection when it .es to the real thing is natural and understandable. Even so, it does cause grooms to do things most men would not ordinarily do, such as visiting cake shops, flower shops and gift registry merchants. For the most part, fortunately, grooms are good natured about this sort of thing. When it’s time for them to let off some steam, a working knowledge of basic bachelor party planning is a handy skill to possess. The best man is usually in charge of arrangements and details, although ushers are often wel.e to assume active roles as well. The most important consideration is what the groom actually likes to do, and what he would like to be a part of his bachelor party. While the famous booze and strippers scenario is still a big part of the bachelor party landscape, many men would be just as happy, and a lot more .fortable, with an afternoon of good barbecue, cold beer and good buddies. The best way to find out what a particular groom prefers is probably to ask him. If the party is being planned by the best man, it is also best to ask the bride early on about activities that she does not want included in the party, and work from there. Begin your bachelor party planning with logistics and work inward from there. The first rule is that nothing should spoil the occasion. Hiring a car and driver or limo service ensures that everyone can enjoy the night without worrying about choosing designated drivers. That way, everyone can conduct themselves freely and still arrive home safely. Generally speaking, invite the ushers, the fathers of both the bride and groom, and the groom’s male relatives and close friends. Follow normal RSVP procedures and so forth. As a final note, your bachelor party planning should include a knowledge of how to pay the bill, since this is not part of the actual wedding event. The general idea is that the cost be split among all guests except for the groom. These costs can be averaged based on attendance estimates so that they can be paid in advance, which is the most advisable arrangement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: