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Legend of male and female combat ranking: mozun Paris fifth [Abstract] the strongest Xiaoyao sword twenty years, I grew up with. A distinctive image has always been in my heart, indelible. Legend of twenty years, I grew up with. From the beginning to the present a sword sword six, out of a total of 8 series of games, add it, love is only one, three, four, five. (the rest of the powder Mo spray!) Uninhibited free and unfettered, greedy life such as Sedum, Sansheng cords of white tofu, love to kill Zheng Paris, honest Shigeyoshi cloud Milky way, a light and Murong are light and love, the embodiment of Shi Jin xuan…… Or heavy righteousness, or morals, or virtue, or love, a distinctive image has always been in my heart, indelible. The more they fall in love, the more they want to compare who is more harmful to them. Nonsense not say, mozun building earthquake! Mozun Paris, three of the last big boss, do not know if there is no God finally defeated the Paris, anyway, small is not beaten. However, the drama inside Paris was completely weakened, even by the evil sword (micro-blog) binding but also compromised Makai hanging, unplug the magic angle. The strength and value of Yan three inside the play, Gufeng million years invincible master screenwriter Paris is extremely hate, to a certain level. Erigeron, Paris enemy of life, is also the only friend. And fight Erigeron millennium, be unbeaten. A terrible war, playing the broken sword. Reincarnation (this name is really wonderful as long), cast the sword, fought and died, after falling ill Hill sword, Murong Ziying was passing away, hidden in the sword grave, was removed after the earthquake into the lock demon tower, was the reincarnation of Sedum Longyang the achievements of Shushan heroes. Tokgo juggernaut, immortal sword drama which has the only wine Jianxian said, Kensai brothers in order to match the worship leader. The young leaves of God, founder of general character, one hundred years of his, to yang to just. After see Li Xiaoyao, head of Shushan will pass and carefree. Edgeworth wind, except between heaven and earth. There are wine happy free, no wine I also epilepsy. A drink to the mountains and rivers, drink swallow the sun and moon. Thousand cups drunk, only my wine jianxian. Master Li, Dugujian St. brother, Stuart bell outside the game for the prototype senzo. A fairy inside only one appearance with the sound effect of a real man, truman!! Pedal pedal, stomp, stomp, stomp, trick: Dionysian mantra, Edgeworth, 000 swords, sword of god. The head of Shushan’s. Self deprecating ink as thousands of affection and resentment over Yingjie sorrow, fahua temple white Confidante died, candles and rival figure did not feel thin, when tears dry blood hidden poorrough snow become red. Yuhang punks, married his wife Zhao Linger in heaven, and Zhao Linger escorted back to Nanzhao on the way, in a way, a way to hone, finally from a boy into a saving "Shushan heroes! Trick: sword, dragon on hand, seven by sword, 000 swords, sword of god. Xu Changqing, nicknamed white tofu. Well, it is a head of Shushan. III refinement, holy man. III finally trapped, worthy of breaking immortal love stories. Trick: Edgeworth, flame flash off air. Sedum, canadensis reincarnation. Yongan when the guy, the biggest dream is to become the boss of Yongan. The opportunity to meet a coincidence,)相关的主题文章: