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Lean boutique Dongfeng A9 bring wonderful life in the last six months, Dongfeng A9 exposure rate is not low. From the beginning of April, Dongfeng A9 has been released in more than and 30 cities continue to be listed, followed by the July, CCTV launched a large-scale science challenge program, refueling! To the future – Dongfeng A9 has become the designated car program, and personally involved in the program’s scientific experiment among them: its excellent mute effect so that the host Sa Beining also marvel. Dongfeng A9 full participation in the country’s consumers to the Dongfeng A9 Lean quality has a further understanding. The intermediate car market also truly feel the lean manufacturing experience and global resources, the treasure of Dongfeng Automobile together for nearly half a century, after 4 years carefully crafted the domestic high-end cars, has finally come! Independent brands, and finally began to hit the senior market! Dongfeng Dongfeng A9 has complete intellectual property by the Dongfeng independent research and development of high-end passenger car; Dongfeng A9 PSA No. three platform to build on and become, and in dragon two factory and Citroen C6 share of high-end car production line. To some extent, the car not only reflects the Dongfeng lean according to standards, but also on behalf of the Chinese brand new cars in the R & D strength, it caused widespread concern in the market, and the market, with its excellent appearance, Lean quality, mature technology, and comprehensive and unique service favored by consumers, more praise for Sa Beining! In line: warm mute car to talk about the technology of Dongfeng A9 for small and exclaimed the mute effect! In the "refueling! To the future ", Sa Beining sat in the car on the safe hit the roof of the experiment, at the crucial moment, small scatter in the car do not feel a trace of sound, can not help but exclaim" so good mute effect of Dongfeng A9". Dongfeng A9 the reason why the sound effect is excellent, mainly from the A9 equipped with a new technology of vehicle NVH acoustic package. Through the optimization of acoustic package, it can achieve a better damping sound absorption effect. Moreover, A9 also on the air conditioning, fans and so on the details of the use of a mute design, the tire is also a high degree of silence of the Michelin Wyatt series tires, the body has done a lot of strengthening. At high speed, whether it is fetal noise or wind noise, there is no interference between the passengers in the car conversation. In particular, the entire system is equipped with STT A9 intelligent start stop technology, parking waiting inside the car feel more quiet. It is the application of a series of silent technology, so Dongfeng A9 has become a veritable mute cockpit, creating a unique quiet space for consumers. In fact, Dongfeng A9 driving comfort in the application of high-tech can not only these. In security, Dongfeng A9 application including electronic handbrake, blind spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, HUD display system, 360° panoramic image and so on; safety science and technology, in several tests, Dongfeng A9 a comprehensive 2015 edition of the C-NCAP standard, and get high marks. Can be said to be unique in security. In addition, the A9 configuration of the GPS+ Beidou Beidou navigation system, four temperature zone independent intelligent air conditioning, Infinity Logic 7®!相关的主题文章: