Lead a city in the United States exceeded 227 times the suspect was arrested thousands of thousands shiyang

A city of lead exceed the standard 227 times suspected to be from decades of thousands evacuated lead exceed the standard 227 times original title: thousands of people suffer from lead pollution allegedly for decades the United States Toshiba brother city 1000 residents plus emergency relocation in the US state of Indiana Toshiba and brother city in a residential area built in the abandoned factory recently traced on a large number of residents of blood lead including children that exceed the standard. After the news exposure, more than 1000 residents relocated. Lead exceed the standard 227 times nearly 700 children health threats in recent weeks, the United States is a major media headlines lead pollution: lead pollution serious news to occupy a residential district in Indiana City, Toshiba and brother, thousands of people are under threat, including nearly 700 children. Toshiba and brother mayor Anthony · Copland in July 25th suddenly announced that substantially exceed the standard of Pb content in soil Jessica Liu Mei residential special advice, more than 1000 residents to move immediately. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency testing shows that in the most polluted areas, soil lead exceeded 227 times, arsenic exceeded the standard 135 times. Alan, aged 27, has 5 children. She received a letter from the Department of environmental protection in July 11th, learned that her courtyard soil lead exceeded 66 times, arsenic exceeded 55 times. It is incredible that the environmental protection department acknowledged in its letter that the soil test was completed in December 2014. This means that the EPA took 1 and a half years before the test results sent to the hands of Alan. Alan’s 5 children then received a blood test, the results of the mother heart. Her two-year-old daughter, Samira, exceeded 6 times the blood lead level. And her 9 year old son with ADHD; several other children between the ages of 4 to 8 years old, previously presented a lot of unexplained fever, trembling, vomiting and other symptoms. Has long been included in the blacklist for decades, no action The Associated Press 23 reported that the United States Environmental Protection Agency is still in the area of the incident to carry out more tests, the municipal authorities are expected to demolish the residential area and governance soil. With more public records and documents exposed, the United States was surprised to find that a number of federal, state and local agencies as early as the 60s of last century will be aware of the presence of lead pollution in this land. Built in the late 70s Jessica Liu Mei special residential area, the site is a smelting plant. 1985, the Indiana Department of environmental management found that the eastern part of the residential area of high lead content in the soil. In the same year, the Ministry of health of Indiana found that more than a number of local children’s blood lead exceeded. In 2008, the environmental protection department wrote a memo, a substantial risk of lead pollution in the area of public health, welfare and environment is imminent". In 2009, the environmental protection agency included the area in a blacklist of pollution". Even if the environmental protection agency in 2014 by the end of the year to confirm the detection of excessive lead in the local soil, the agency did not inform local residents until this year in July. Some observers said that Toshiba has a population of 30 thousand people, mostly poor African American and Hispanic residents, more dependent on heavy industries such as metallurgy. The residential area for low-income groups. In addition, Toshiba and brother municipal officials often exposed corruption scandals, low administrative efficiency is not surprising. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: