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Lan Tianye Mo Yan talks about "one hundred years of great master":   shaping the cultural image of Chinese style culture in Beijing in October 13, one hundred sets of large series of biographical documentary "hundred years of great master" Fine Arts in the first and two days ago in the Department of more than 40 domestic and international satellite TV broadcast, and obtained five documentary awards. Lan Tianye, Mo Yan, Shang Changrong and other famous on the film that works embodies the people stick to the center for the creation, carry forward the spirit and cohesion strength China Chinese "spirit, to grand volume six chapters set 100 grand, showing a gorgeous brilliant and dazzling China twentieth Century culture art, thinking literature and art, is a clear contemporavies, enlightening the future of cultural projects. The last century, China the culture and art of the birth of a number of areas have a profound influence on the China and the world greatest literary and art masters, they are immortal "peak". "One hundred documentary century masters", by China Art Research Institute, CCTV, Central Newsreel and documentary film making factory (Group) and other units jointly produced, is China’s first large-scale, full range of production of the documentary about the twentieth Century painting master, art masters, literary greats, divided into art, calligraphy, Peking Opera, drama, music, literature, an outstanding representative of the scale of 100 to more than 40 in twentieth Century Chinese shooting art. The speech of general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned in the literary master Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, Ba Jin, Lao She, Cao Yu, Xian Xinghai, Mei Lanfang, Qi Baishi, Nie Er and Xu Beihong are in the "hundred years of thick and heavy in colours in the master". General secretary Xi Jinping in the literary and artistic work of an important speech on the occasion of the two anniversary of the review, a hundred years of literature and art, the study of the great masters of the century, the majority of artists will be inspired. China art academy, "one hundred years of great master" produced by Lian Ji pointed out that the documentary tells the story of 43 cultural celebrities past, combing the development of China’s cultural history, let us from the cultural dimension to view contemporary Chinese. At the same time, from the celebrity culture embodies the social value and aesthetic value, through cultural celebrities of the outlook on life and value and position of established cultural scale for us, shaping the cultural image of China style, China style, Chinese style; finally, to increase the cultural self-confidence, find the contemporary advanced culture elite. Honorary chairman of China Dramatists Association Shang Changrong as "one hundred years" Peking Opera master article consultant. He admitted that the drama should strive to launch the peak work, and strive to carry forward the excellent Chinese culture and art, adhere to play the positive energy of the play, but also to whip the ugly phenomenon of society. "This is a rescue project," said Lan Tianye, a famous performing artist, in which the famous people in the documentary "know that they have very few people" and "fewer and fewer people have seen them". For subsequent shooting, Lan Tianye pointed out that to dig deeper into the characters, to give full play to the role of the interviewed. "One hundred years" literature master consultant, writer Mo Yan said, not only to show the cultural celebrity documentary artistic achievements, but also show their rich, three-dimensional personality, including the details of life that cannot be evaluated with advantages and disadvantages).相关的主题文章: