Kenya does not reach the standard of World Anti Doping Agency or Rio stellarium

Kenya has not reached the World Anti Doping Agency standard or missed the Rio IAAF Nairobi Xinhua sports news (reporter Wang Shoubao Ding Xiaoxi February 24th) according to the World Anti Doping Agency recently released a statement, Kenya failed in the February deadline, the domestic Anti Doping Agency reached the world anti doping agency qualification standards, the current situation of Anti Doping Agency Kenya has been submitted to the Independent Commission for review. The Kenya Anti Doping Agency has not passed the qualification examination of the World Anti Doping Agency because the Kenya government has not provided sufficient financial support for the Anti Doping issue through relevant laws and policies." Statement. It is understood that the independent investigation committee will review the situation of the Anti Doping institutions in Kenya in April 15th, and will give the audit opinions in May 12th. It is learnt that if the Anti Doping institutions in Kenya were eventually identified as non trust level, Kenya athletes may be banned, and missed the Rio Olympic games. Kenya is the world’s middle and long distance running country, and also a country with serious doping use. In the past three years, 43 athletes have been recorded illegal doping. Isaac, the top sports official in Kenya, was recently forced to resign. He was suspected of taking bribes when he was in office, helping drug athletes avoid examinations and evade punishment. At present, the former Kenyan officials under official investigation iaaf. (finished)

肯尼亚未达世界反兴奋剂机构标准 或无缘里约 国际田联   新华社内罗毕2月24日体育专电(记者王守宝 丁小溪)据世界反兴奋剂机构日前发布的声明,肯尼亚没能在2月份的最后期限,使国内反兴奋剂机构达到世界反兴奋剂机构的资格标准,目前肯尼亚的反兴奋剂机构情况已经被提交给独立调查委员会进行审查。   “由于肯尼亚政府没有为国内反兴奋剂问题通过相关的法律和政策并提供充足的资金支持,肯尼亚反兴奋剂机构没有通过世界反兴奋剂机构的资格审查。”声明说。   据了解,独立调查委员会将在4月15日对肯尼亚国内反兴奋剂机构的情况进行重新审查,并将在5月12日给出审核意见。   据悉,如果肯尼亚国内反兴奋剂机构最终被认定为不被信任等级,肯尼亚运动员可能会遭到禁赛,而无缘参加里约奥运会。   肯尼亚是世界中长跑强国,同时也是兴奋剂使用较为严重的国家,过去三年的时间内,有43名运动员被记录了违法使用兴奋剂。肯尼亚最高体育官员艾萨克最近也被迫辞职,他涉嫌在位时收受贿赂,帮助涉药运动员逃避检查以及逃避处罚。目前,这名肯尼亚前高官正在接受国际田联的官方调查。(完)相关的主题文章: