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Just born baby belly bulge, abdominal removed rare twins"! – the birth of a baby girl, just a small baby on the right side of the right side of the abdomen there is a significant uplift, after ultrasound examination was found to be pregnant with a rare "twins"". The original mother Guo was pregnant with triplets, but two of them failed to normal fetal development, fetal development by another good "suction" to the body form parasitus. The city hospital consultation, doctors removed the belly twins through surgery". Today, after surgery is recovering in the small odd good will be discharged smoothly. Six months of fetal abdominal foreign body yesterday morning, reporters at the city hospital inpatient ward 7 outside the building to see a month small wonders, she was lying on the bed kept a small foot, amused the mother revealing a long lost smile. "When she was 6 months pregnant, she was found to have a foreign body in her stomach when she was in hospital." This result let Guo and her husband were unexpected, "we worry that children born will have problems, then do the worst, not this child." At that time, Guo went to Qingdao each big hospital for treatment, to understand foreign bodies will not affect the normal development of children. Came to the city hospital, experts "in consultation", concluded that eating a reassurance to Guo, "which belongs to the parasite, after the birth of a child can be removed by surgery, then everything will be back to normal, I also calm not less." Bold natural birth belly baby before birth, Guo birth B timeout found parasite long enough for a 3 cm to 6 cm. Another issue is in front of the eyes, with the parasitic fetus slowly grow to choose what kind of delivery? Experts, women’s and children’s hospital once again conducted a consultation, taking into account the parasite volume is not large, can try to choose a birth. Follow the doctor’s advice, in March 15th, Guo by birth gave birth to a 6.7 pound baby, the body of the indicators are normal, the only problem is the right side of the abdomen was raised by hand, can directly touch the parasite, but fortunately did not have other symptoms. Women and children hospital director Qi Yongbo said, some people may never know there is a parasite of their body, there are news reports this man pregnancy rare thing, is actually a parasite in vivo, some parasite will appear obvious symptoms, and some did not have. Qi Yongbo suggested Guo, you can grow up a little later after surgery. Remove the rare abdominal "twins" confinement of children during normal eating and drinking, but she felt not a good digestion, weight did not go up." Guo and her husband’s heart is always hanging, worried about the impact of parasitic fetal growth and development. Take the kids to the hospital for ultrasound examination found that the parasite had grown up, and the pancreas and other organs have suffered slight oppression, "confirmed when it was only 3 to 6 cm is so big, a check that grows up to 8 cm." Due to concerns about the parasitic fetus continues to grow, the couple and the doctor decided to immediately after surgery in April 16th. At present, the baby recovered very well, 6 cm long belly相关的主题文章: