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Just a single on the out? Five trends of interpretation let you worry free purchase appliances Author: Interpretation of Guo Youzhi’s five major trends of free purchase appliances to collect antiques are most afraid to buy "vintage" drill, and buy the pan 3C products is afraid of a new generation for old people "old shelves, new listing. Moreover, if the new product function also left the old street, the only regret her embarrassment! In the past such a wide range of mobile phones, computers and other products, but with the rise of the concept of "seize the family space", the life expectancy of household appliances is also gradually shortened! Just a single on the out? Five trends of interpretation let you worry free and open with the purchase of home appliances, two suites down payment amount by a large margin, the two child policy, updating and upgrading appliances become the new trend of the current consumption, household appliances are not mobile phone like frequent replacement, but closer to the relevant data show that the new replacement the rate is increasing year by year! Moreover, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the purchase of high-end appliances, experience more high-tech features, has become a new concept of consumption of many users! Update and upgrade appliances become the new trend of the current consumption so the question is, how can we buy roses, but not short time outdated appliances? I believe, if we can grasp the development trend of the product, buy some nowadays has become the absolute mainstream, but also has great prospects for future products, so in quite a long period of time, you buy the products do not have to worry about the outdated! The future promising product is worth buying appliances according to the purpose of simple division, can be divided into family entertainment, household appliances, large appliances, kitchen appliances, intelligent Home Furnishing these five categories of products, today we from the product line of the current mainstream technology and the development trend to start, help everyone to buy a "buying no regrets, not long out" home appliances! Family entertainment: on new technology & content resources living room as a home entertainment "main battlefield" is one of many businesses competing for a piece of fat meat, entertainment products such as home appliances Living traditional TV, game consoles, nature is needless to say, certainly will buy things! Also cannot ignore one kind of product is VR, but this year the first year of VR Oh, a variety of VR equipment into a blowout outbreak, I believe the future with this kind of product has a living room entertainment battle will be more intense! The living room entertainment battle more intense TV display technology from the point of view, the current can be divided into three camps, namely liquid crystal (including ULED, the first generation of quantum dots and improved technology) and the second generation of quantum dots and OLED. The development of liquid crystal technology for many years, although the ups and downs but ultimately survived, and with many manufacturers to update the improvement to its, now buy LCD TV and not outdated! OLED is recognized as the next generation display technology but OLED recognized as the next generation of display technology, is now gradually by people outside the industry optimistic, and as the technology matures, OLED developed at the beginning of the burn-in, short service life, low yields and problems are gradually disappear, so this time!相关的主题文章: