Joint financial support is expected to be close to the main direction of

Rich finance: an important support near gold is expected to determine the direction of the client to view the latest market commodity gold rebounded slightly warmer Tuesday morning in Asia, China 1-8 month retail sales rate remained unchanged at 10.3%, while the August retail sales rose to 10.6%, above scale industrial added value in August rose to 6.3% per annum; Australia, Australia August NAB business confidence the index rose to 6. China and Australia data picked up, so that the mood of goods has improved, and on Tuesday to follow the general trend of Asian stock markets, gold rebounded in the mood driven by commodities, was up $1330 test. As expected, the European UK inflation data in the doldrums at the European session, UK August consumer price index rate remained unchanged at 0.6%, below market expectations of 0.7%, while the core consumer price index rate for 1.3%, the same below market expectations of 1.4%, but in August the producer input price index rate fell sharply to 0.2%, the output price index fell to 0.1%. Overall, the UK inflation data and market expectations have difference, which makes early for Britain’s optimism quickly slowed down; on the other hand, the European data showed the same slump, euro zone September ZEW economic situation boiled down to -10.5, Germany September ZEW economic situation and economic index also fell. European economic data in the doldrums, so that the dollar once again to support, coupled with the Federal Reserve meeting approaching, the market for the U.S. dollar rate hike is still hopeful that the dollar index continued to strengthen. Gold continued to fall sharply after $1330 pressure, once testing $1315 position. Wednesday afternoon gold operation, the UK will be announced in August the unemployment rate and unemployment change market expectations, UK unemployment will increase, if the data in line with expectations, the commodity mood will once again to suppress the formation of gold to make further pressure. But we must pay attention to the United States in August announced the evening of import and export price index rate, the market expected inflation will drop slightly, if the data follow the expected U.S. data decline will affect the dollar optimism, gold or can appear after the bottom rebound. On the operation, the golden days of $1315 to pay attention to the test again, if it can stabilize, then there will be an effort to return to near $1325. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: