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Ji’nan 4 year old girl fell dead in the end how to happen? Recalling the incident after the family – 7, 2009 in the afternoon, sea Plaza District, the children of the girl candy (a pseudonym) inexplicably fall dead 4. The 10 day, the girls’ families revealed that the missing child found the door is open, the window fence has not been destroyed. What the girl falls, what is the truth? The window at the girls’ room safety protection network reporter Huang Guanlin photo the girls uncle in the mouth before and after the nanny first discovered the missing child falls on the afternoon of 10, grandmother Haiwei square small candy, sitting next to comfort relatives candy parents, while the reporter expressed doubts about the event. A candy and candy parents grandparents lived in Haiwei District Building 2 units of the same. Candy house to live on the 7 floor, grandmother lived in the building on the 10 floor. Candy uncle Tang said, at noon the day of the incident, he and candy together on the 10 floor of the grandmother after lunch, playing until 2 in the afternoon, the candy say sleepy, Grandpa will accompany her back to the 7 floor of the home. Mr. Tang said, candy is a cheerful girl, after the incident they retrieved surveillance video to see, the child grandpa sent her home, she was dancing in the elevator. Send candy home, Grandpa went back to the 10 floor. At 4:55 in the afternoon, nanny suddenly knocked on the 10 floor, where the grandmother asked the candy. "When I opened the door, the child’s grandmother told her in bed, she said," I come back later, turned away." Tang said. After about 10 minutes, the nurse went upstairs and said the candy was gone. After the child’s grandmother hurried to the candy room, see the door has been open and empty inside, Mr. Tang went to the basement to find. At 5:45 in the afternoon, and the nurse a cry, a talent that the candy falls. Family revealed that the incident happened on the same day: the mother was a telephone threat, beware of family, said Mr. Tang, there are two coincidence events. One is that the 4 year old candy the kindergarten, but because of foot and mouth disease epidemic in the garden, the day of the incident, all the children are on holiday; the day of the incident at 10:25, the mother had received a call from "171" number of threatening phone calls, warned her to be careful of family safety. Mr. Tang opened the call recording, the reporter heard the phone, a northeastern accent man claiming to be the Harbin underworld, said candy mother against two men and a woman, they pay someone to come to revenge, said she and her family may arise unexpectedly. The mother thought it was a harassing phone call, did not mind. Not long ago, the company has just fired a number of people, some of whom threatened retaliation." Tang told reporters. Candy fall dead truth? Reporters call Li City Public Security Bureau, a relevant person in charge said the incident very seriously, currently under investigation, it will promptly announced to the public. The families of the girls in the mouth after first look at the terrain falls girls parents: Haiwei District 2 Building 7 floor falls girls grandmother: noon Haiwei District Building 2 unit 10 floor at the same time to 2 pm on the 10 floor of the girls grandmother.相关的主题文章: