Jia Kang to get rid of soaring housing prices need to speed up the cycle of real estate tax reform verbal jint

Jia Kang: to get rid of skyrocketing housing prices plummeted to accelerate the circulation of real estate tax in September 24th, Dean, the Chinese Academy of the new economics of supply before the Ministry of Finance Division Director Jia Kang in the new Mogan Mountain meeting said that the policy slightly relaxed after soaring prices, some of the city to restart the credit limit restriction policy after prices fell again, want to get rid of vicious spiral China skyrocketing housing prices plummeted, need a breakthrough from the institutional mechanism, which is very important is the legislative process of the real estate tax. Recently, the Ministry of housing and former Vice Minister Chou Baoxing has said publicly that the current impact on the entire real estate trend has two swords, sword is the first real estate tax, the second sword is a housing renewal problem. National Bureau of statistics data show that in the 70 large and medium-sized city, new commodity residential house in August than the same period last year rose in the city reached 62, including Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, an increase of up to 44.3%, 40.5%, 38.8%. And in the past only to the urban business property tax real estate tax, the "real estate tax" tax object will likely involve all of the property, which makes the real estate tax concern. 2013 November the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee adopted the "decision" of the CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues, which refers to improve the tax system, the first reference to speed up the real estate tax legislation and timely reform". Finance minister Lou Jiwei in 2014 in the "seeking truth" when the author also mentioned that the real estate tax idea. Lou Jiwei said, the general direction is the basis, basic living needs in security, tax and fees and other factors on the urban and rural individual housing and commercial real estate planning, construction, a reasonable set of transactions, the tax burden to maintain links, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market, the real estate tax has gradually become a steady income of local finance source. After the third plenary session, the real estate tax legislation has been widespread concern and attention. August 2015, the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the legislative plan, the real estate tax included in the plan. In addition, the real estate tax is also included in the National People’s Congress this year and last year’s legislative work plan, is a legislative preparatory project. This year’s "NPC and CPPCC", deputy director of the Liu Xiuwen Budget Committee of the NPC Standing Committee revealed that the real estate tax law by the budget committee and the Ministry of finance led research, the NPC Standing Committee legislative plan after the adjustment of the real estate tax has been included in the first category of legislative items. Tax high level seminar G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting on July 23rd, finance minister Lou Jiwei said that the real estate tax and personal income tax reform has not pushed out, the reason is the collection of information is weak, and involve the adjustment of interests has been hampered. "This is a problem, but also our task, we should not hesitate to do," Lou Jiwei said at the time. Jia Kang told the first financial reporter, the current real estate tax is very difficult to promote, not much substantive progress. Chou Baoxing also said that the two swords launch is not easy, which mixed with too many sensitive areas and the interests of the game. First financial reporter learned that the current draft real estate tax legislation is still in the drafting process. However, the collection of information required for the collection of real estate tax on natural persons is accelerating. Real estate。相关的主题文章: