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Japanese media: China the first domestic aircraft carrier or during launch deployment in the South China Sea – Sohu news aviation security personnel transport operations of a carrier based fighter f -15 on the flight deck of the ship in Liaoning (photo). Reference News Network reported on August 25th Japanese media said the military Chinese built in Liaoning city in Dalian Province, the first domestic aircraft carrier will be the fastest this year. Many military sources confirmed the news. From the early August photograph of the aircraft carrier was informed that the carrier for the aircraft to take off, sliding jump flight deck has been basically completed. Allegedly, after the completion of the construction of the deck part of the foundation. "Japanese economic news" reported on August 24th, which is made by the Ukraine aircraft carrier transformed into the "Liaoning" ship, the Chinese military has second aircraft carriers. The aircraft carrier displacement is 50 thousand tons, in the aircraft carrier is small, the use of conventional power plant rather than nuclear power. It can be considered that the size of the aircraft carrier and Liaoning ship basically the same, the basic design is to imitate the Liaoning ship. The aircraft carrier will be equipped with domestic main jet fighter aircraft – 15 ". Reported that China’s Ministry of defense formally acknowledged the end of the year is the construction of second aircraft carriers, but did not disclose the progress. After the completion of the construction of the part of the basic part of the bridge, the Central Military Commission, the Secretary General of the military equipment development minister Zhang Youxia, general manager, 6, visited the aircraft carrier construction site. Aircraft carrier will continue to install internal equipment, etc., delivered to the navy is estimated to be 1 to 2 years later. It can be said, because the aircraft is also equipped with training, the aircraft can actually participate in the battle will be a few years time. Many people believe that the aircraft will be deployed in the South China Sea port of Hainan Island. Chinese Navy rear admiral Yin Zhuo said in an interview with Xinhua news agency, pointed out that if there is no aircraft carrier, China’s legitimate rights and interests in the East China Sea and the South China Sea is difficult to effectively protect. There are claims that China is currently under construction in Shanghai third aircraft carrier, but there is no official news. The observation that a third ship will install "catapult", this device is to speed up the plane took off the U.S. aircraft carrier. Carrier aircraft to take off the necessary sliding distance becomes shorter, the deck can carry more aircraft. Some people think that in the near future, China will build 4 to 6 aircraft carriers. China’s defense spending continues to increase, the defense budget (the central government) listed in the budget plan in 2016 amounted to 954 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of more than the actual amount of the previous year by 7.6%. The defense white paper published in 2015 to expand the scope of activities of the Navy policy adjustment has been the "coastal defense" type, China is accelerating already weak and enhanced. However, for the actual operation of the aircraft carrier, the carrier must be trained pilots. Chinese must also be responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft carrier ship fleet formation, many people think that the China carrier troops into combat with time.相关的主题文章: