Jacky Wu is still not received invitations, Jay Chou mind he is now King – Beijing kamikaze love

Jacky Wu is still not received invitations, Jay Chou mind: he is now King – Beijing, Beijing, September 1, according to Taiwan "China times news, early Jacky Wu presided over the" super rookie ", he was not Dujuhuiyan contestants, only for the students of the accompaniment of Jay Chou signing, and Jay Chou day after the music achievement, have repeatedly shows Jacky Wu’s unique vision. Just married Jay Chou last year and Kunling, but did not send Jacky Wu, relationship to freezing point, a year later Jacky Wu once again mentioned the matter, although still care, but he did say: "Jielun, the sentimental love you very much." "Little star" program before the attendant are invited to the past group born artist, chatting, Jacky Wu once again the topic to the "invitation event", according to the report, Jacky Wu spoke about the time to perform abroad, but found Jay Chou will also perform in the same venue, let him now end directly leave, because "if he does not come over to say hello, You’ll see. how to look outside, don’t let him to do." Between words is still full of love for the former disciple. But did not receive the other invitations seems to still let Jacky Wu quite care, could not help but innuendo: "Jielun now has his life, the king."相关的主题文章: