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"IPO poverty" new deal lethality how much? Fudan University professor said investors were scared Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: surging surging news reporter Tang Yingying in September 12th, A shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen two city both diving, Shanghai returned to near 3000, at 3021.98 points, down 1.85%. Some market participants speculated that the day A shares plummeted, in addition to the impact of external factors, such as the collapse of the U.S. and European stock markets, the other may be expected to take advantage of the sudden expansion of IPO. September 9th, the Commission issued the "China Securities Regulatory Commission on the role of the role of the capital market to serve the country out of poverty strategy" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Opinions mentioned, give full play to the role of the capital market, the service of the country out of poverty strategy. Opinions referred to the poor areas of the initial public offering of shares, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other green channel. Some market participants interpret it, which is equivalent to the domestic poor counties to be listed companies to implement the registration system". Then triggered the sudden expansion of the IPO market may worry. In this regard, financial and capital market research center of Fudan University director Xie Baisan at the micro-blog open sound, bluntly "opinion" "wrong", and said the "more than 100 million catastrophes Chinese investors" was "scared" opinion "". "Opinion" in the end what to say? The destruction of the capital market really so big? The so-called "IPO poverty alleviation" new deal what content "opinion" itself is not long, the full text of more than 2700 words, divided into three aspects of the content of 12. The controversial is the "opinions", the second part of "give full play to the capital market in the service of national poverty alleviation strategy." in 5, especially in poor areas which support enterprises "financing" the use of multi-level capital market, it is interpreted by some market participants for the designated registration system in poor areas. "Opinions" put forward, — for the registration and the main production and operation of land in poor areas and carry out the production and operation for three years, the payment of income tax over three years of business, or registered in poor areas, poor areas in recent years do not pay income tax of not less than three years the change of registered enterprises 20 million yuan and promise after the listing, applying for IPO, apply "reported that the trial, that is" policy. – registered in poor areas of enterprise application listed in the National SME share transfer system, the implementation of "special docking, special audit", "reported that the application of trial, is hanging" relief policy, listing fees. Registered companies in poor areas to issue corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, the implementation of special docking, special audit, the application of the newspaper that the trial policy. In addition, the "opinions" also proposed to "support and encourage listed companies to fulfill their social responsibility and national poverty alleviation strategy", involving the poor areas of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies restructuring projects, giving priority to speed up the audit; to actively participate in poverty alleviation private fund management"相关的主题文章: