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Investment express] IT orange September 23rd included 23 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. The correction of the information collected in September 22nd Boss direct financing information investment information is incorrect, especially corrected as follows: Boss direct hire announced the completion of the CPT capital lead investor C1 round and Gao Rong capital led C2 round of financing, C1, C2 two rounds of financing totaling $28 million. The original investment in venture capital, and jade alternative investment, capital today, along with all of the capital investment. – domestic events – 1 excellent cycling worship for millions of angel round of financing is one of the main worship bicycle bike sharing concept of start-ups, the government is committed to connecting a huge number of resources, the market response is not positive, not making full use of the parking in the pile, the scan code unlock make improvements, and to worship the brand into the market, increase the number of its advantages. Recently, a number of excellent thanks to tens of millions of angel round wheel financing, led by the investment side of the road to the capital, the first heart of the capital, light up the capital, fire orange venture accelerator with investment. 2 homework help for $60 million B round of financing to help the job is the online education APP produced by Baidu official, is a focus problem of the camera search database contains the product of education, the national primary school, middle school, high school textbook issue 90% of the exam, and support online answer problem. Recently, to help the job for $60 million B round of financing, by Jiyuan capital (GGV Capital) and Xiang Wo capital lead investor, Sequoia and Junlian etc. with the vote. 3 class A round of financing for 30 million meow meow is an extracurricular extracurricular education K12 O2O platform, K12 education on the line scene decision and consumption dependent on the transformation of small and medium class educational institutions and the integration of community around the school extracurricular center SaaS system and provide meow, parents end App, content supply system and operation management output scheme. Recently, the extracurricular meow was 30 million A round of financing, investors have not been disclosed. 4 get 3000 of the new round of Prajna system financing system is a big data banruo computing services and application solutions provider, is committed to big data financial, telecommunications and the Internet in the field of computing services and application solutions. Recently, Prajna system provided by the 3000 new intelligent cloud carbon round financing. The 5 Dunlop medical won $25 million B round of financing Dannuo pharmaceutical was founded in 2013, is a company specializing in the treatment of digestive tract infection drug development? Innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise production and sales. Recently, Dunlop medical won $25 million B round of financing, venture capital investment led by the northern lights, through the existing shareholders and capital, Wuxi, Yuan Wo origin and Relativity health fund with investment. 6 tripod medicine for $30 million A round of financing is a pharmaceutical research and development and sales of innovative drugs相关的主题文章: