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.puters-and-Technology Security and the breach of security is the major concern in the recent times. The .panies and the organizations are in constant look out for ways to ensure better security and safety to their property and employees. With the evolution of technology it has be.e very convenient to keep track of different activities taking place within the office premise and control the entry and exit of people in and out of the organization premises. The innovation of technologies like access control system, CCTV system, attendance machine and thumb impression attendance machine has made it possible to keep track of not only the entry and exit of employee in the organization but also to keep a vigil on different activities taking place within the premise. Earlier we witnessed the organizations and offices hiring security people to guard their area. The owners and the organizations invested significant amounts to ensuring and obtaining security for their offices. Irrespective of the huge investments made on obtaining security for their offices yet it was not practically feasible for human resource to keep a track on every nooks and corner of the office premise or the office .pound. Insecurity was still persistent. To cut lose the situation electronic security systems like CCTV system, thumb impression attendance machine and access control system are used to secure the world and to avert the chances of security breach. It was not an easy journey for the electronic security system to have much exposure in the market given the mindset of the people in favor of the traditional security system. The innovation of electronic systems of security like CCTV system, access control system and attendance machine ensure faster and easier mode of security with larger cover area that human security can provide. The lack of efficiency among the human security resources prompted people and .panies to opt for the services of electronic security system. In order to have better advancements on the security system the notion of biometrics was introduced. Biometrics is the technology used for watching television. The advent of various biometrics systems like thumb impression attendance machine ensured that your ground is now .pletely safeguarded from the foreign bodies. With these innovations and technological advancements the markets are today flooded with various modes of electronic security systems. Some of them are iris recognition system, fingerprint reader or thumb impression attendance machine. The basic principle behind the security systems like CCTV system or Access Control System therefore is to ensure unique identification technology and to keep track on people entering and living the premise. The idea is to control the entry of foreign body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: