Innovation growth into the top G20 issue of China to promote the world to share scientific and techn

Innovation growth agenda G20 China promoting the world sharing innovation of science and technology, Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Ding Dong) in August 29, the upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou, "innovation growth mode" has become the Chinese summit four topics: first, in the face of a new round of strategic opportunities brought by science and technology leather life, China G20 will promote the common description of innovative growth blueprint, build inclusive innovation, sharing innovation environment, make innovation achievements benefit the whole world. Innovative growth has become G20 major issue, an important background is 2008 after the financial crisis the world economy into the quagmire of slow growth, many countries are looking for economic growth driven by "prescription", in the face of the third industrial revolution, green economy, Internet economy and other new technology innovation by Ji Xingqi, will undoubtedly become a new round of economic growth source. As an innovative growth initiative, Chinese is promoting national innovation strategy, the transformation from economic power to science and technology innovation of large and powerful, yellow G20 innovation competitiveness released recently showed that in the ranking of the competitiveness of G20 national innovation, Chinese become the only one in the top ten countries. "Over the past five years, China’s scientific and technological innovation strength has been greatly improved, especially in the development of science and technology investment and output indicators." The yellow book editor, deputy director of the research center of Fujian Normal University, the competitiveness of Huang Maoxing 29, told reporters, after a long accumulation of science and technology, Chinese in science and technology innovation environment, innovation talent, innovation system, with the lead and promote scientific and technological innovation strength and confidence. In the context of global economic growth in the doldrums, the G20 economy is facing many difficulties and challenges, joint collaborative innovation slow action, hinder economic and technological innovation and cooperation." In the wisdom of science and Technology Evaluation Research Center Director Li Minrong admitted that the current lack of political trust of the members of G20, some countries restrict the international flow of innovative elements in various forms, to prevent progress of international innovation cooperation. According to reports, the current global technology innovation and uneven distribution of resources, in between developed and developing countries, great innovation base, innovation environment, innovation talent gap, in the trend of globalization and regional integration, the development of the science and technology competition, each separate pattern is not conducive to the global science and technology innovation. Li Minrong said, G20 summit proposed "collaborative, inclusive and vibrant global innovation environment, all countries in the world especially G20 members in promoting innovation and development, to deal with the relationship between self innovation and collaborative innovation, innovation and competition of interests exclusive relationship with tolerance and sharing, enhance their vitality and absorb external power relations thus," the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy". After preliminary consultations, G20 innovation growth blueprint has been a positive response, each member can be expected, G20 members will be the summit as a starting point, to develop a specific plan of action, promote the coordinated national innovation system, encourage all levels of dialogue, sharing and innovation experience, promote the scientific research of open innovation, make maximum benefit all groups, the formation of "cooperation, cooperation, open and inclusive" long-term innovation mechanism. ()相关的主题文章: