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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Time was when the wedding gowns used to weigh so much, thanks to their intricate craftsmanship, beadwork and layers of cloth and lace that the bride found it a huge load to carry all the way to the altar. Formal is almost pass now. So are the mammoth gowns. The trend now is to go casual. Wear light and feel .fortable, thats the norm. Designers are thus concentrating on designing gowns that would suit any age, figure and which can be worn during any time of the year. Not surprisingly then, informal wedding dresses are quite popular. Informal wedding gowns are basically chosen as an alternative to formal wedding gowns by brides who prefer something simple and more .fortable to wear on their wedding. But at the same time, they are just as elegant and enchanting as the traditional wedding dresses. What do we mean by informal wedding gowns? Despite the casual name, informal wedding gowns can be very sleek, contemporary, and fashionable. Informal wedding gowns are the type of gowns that are designed with little or no train at all. Plain materials are preferred to make these gowns instead of heavy materials. The colors chosen for these types of wedding dresses are mainly golden, ivory, light blue, pale pink, light chocolate or white. Accessories such as light colored gloves with lace, simple neckpiece, earrings, beaded handbags or pouches with lace and beads go very well with informal wedding gowns. Even a small veil along with a crown adds beauty to the gown. With informal wedding dresses, a bride can wear stylish boots too. Multi-purpose use As informal wedding gowns are designed just like any regular party wear, you can wear them at other occasions later. Looks Great When it .es to style and design, informal wedding gowns can give tough .petition to the traditional ones. In no way do informal wedding dresses mean plain or boring. Less Expensive The best part is that you can usually get a discount on these types of wedding dresses .e. Informal wedding gowns and dresses usually fit within your budget even if you have a tight one. .fort No matter what type of informal wedding dress you choose, one thing is sure. These gownsare extremely .fortable to wear. In an informal wedding gown, a bride can carry herself .fortably which is not possible in a heavily decorated traditional wedding gown. If you are looking for a beautiful informal wedding gown, there are many online shops where you can get stunningly beautiful wedding dresses at discounted prices . Such online shops are in fact one stop shop for unique and exclusive informal wedding gowns. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: