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Infinite space NO.1: how to achieve artificial intelligence technology products landing – Sohu science and technology activities: Alphago set off a boom in artificial intelligence. However, unlike the general understanding, artificial intelligence is not a science fiction concept. Voice interaction, image recognition and other artificial intelligence technology has been applied to various fields. So the application of artificial intelligence in various fields in the end how far? Sharon, we will explore the artificial intelligence technology products landing. Agenda: 2:00-4:00 artificial intelligence product director Microsoft speech 2:00-2:30 weeks Microsoft wheatgrass artificial intelligence research and development director of virtual partner 2:30-3:00 go ask Lin Yili why the product manager reliable consumer products must end to end integration 3:00-3:30 Turing Guo Jia COO what is the application robot brain 3:30-4:00 Face++ Song Chenquan product line for artificial intelligence visual processing 4:00-4:20 investors speech 4:30-5:00 artificial intelligence startup CEO Roundtable Deepcare – Liu Sheng, DEEPHI TECH – Yao Chung, the small U robot – Tian Yue Jia bin introduction: Lin Yili, go ask the product director, Ticwatch product manager. Worked as consultant to the BCG strategic consulting firm in Boston, the former Shanghai Volkswagen Passat models product manager. Department of automotive engineering, Tsinghua University, Harvard Business School MBA. Guo Jia, Turing robot COO. Song Chen, director of Face++ products. Mr. Song Chen has a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of British Bath, in-depth research, on the field after graduation, once worked in HUAWEI, Baidu, HUAWEI DeepCare is responsible for the relevant work in Europe, Baidu international business development, regional management, co founder, CEO Liu san. DeepCare co-founder, CEO Liu Sheng graduated from the school of business, Harvard University, former McKinsey senior consultant, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In the United States two times in the Internet and the new energy industry in Silicon Valley. DeepCare is a AI artificial intelligence, depth learning technology for medical image recognition and screening technology company. Love chain excellent CEO field month. Tsinghua Department of civil engineering, Purdue University. 7 years of work experience, served as supervisor, assistant president of American high-tech companies, the Haidian District guide fund senior investment manager. Yao song, Shen Jian Technology founder and CEO. Deep science and technology founder and CEO, graduated from the Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University, went to the Department of electronic engineering, Stanford University, access to research, in-depth study in the field of hardware acceleration accumulated over the years. [click] registration time: 2016 09 month 27 days 13:30-17:00 Venue: Zhongguancun tophere community sample A block 2 layer strategic partner: small community相关的主题文章: