In the world of learning

Introduction: In the world of learning, where education plays a critical role from centuries to centuries and passed of many generations and trends its still been improving day by day. The source of education has been to many forms and styles where each country follows they own education system. But the most common and latest one is E-learning.The main idea of this system is’You can learn where ever your’. Its been the latest trend followed by many educational institution and universities in the world. The motto behind this system is a person can learn anything with its own individual knowledge and the information he/she gets from the system without depending on any one to teach. In these way of learning a person does not under go any str Ess or pain, its a way of individuality to learn from the information and data’s. And can read anytime/anywhere from the place where they are with fresh minds and ideas which can excel them in betterment of they. What is e-learning? A.