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In the end of 12 years, Pete and Julie divorced because… Lead: you eat melon viewers Hello, now share a news from the other side of the ocean! According to foreign media reports, Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie divorced, passed so long, this is really out of the! However, the reasons for divorce but let us surprise, it is because of their disagreement with the baby in question (deny third party)… This is also the reason convinced wayward capital! (Editor: @philtre) Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie divorce, according to reports, they were already in September 15th formally separated after 12 years of life together, although the reasons for divorce can not help but feel a little far fetched, but on the other hand the Dave reaction in the education of children on this issue seriously staggering. According to TMZ news, Peter Julie dissatisfaction addicted to marijuana and alcohol, in addition, one of the reasons is emotional instability of Peter Julie is worried about his violent temper, will make children hurt, and Julie are fighting for custody of the 6 children. Once the model couples from Peter and Julie is filming "Mrs Smith" in 2004 and fell in love, and were married in 2014, a total of 6 children (3 biological, 3 adopted). Now because of the children’s education problems of divorce, but the two together in the past 12 years, it is to leave a lot of good memories. Have a large family of 6 children in a big family sigh at the same time, as with the memories, in 12 years this love, they love the moment. In 2004 the two because cooperation "Mrs Smith" bonds in 2005, Julie with the baby and Peter propaganda "Mrs Smith" in 2006, they visited Haiti in a school in Port Au Prince, and public relations for the first time in 2007, Julie adopted the 3 year old Parkes in 2007 with the box debut in 2008 at the Golden Globe Awards, Julie’s pregnant belly and red carpet pitt family holiday in 2008 in 2009, the two work also do not forget to bring the children together in 2009 2011 with the premiere of shameless bastard debut at the Cannes Film Awards debut in 2011 2012, they unveiled the Oscar red carpet, 2012’s distant looking wife, Pete and Julie debut activities, Julie hand appeared on the Julie show a diamond engagement ring in Berlin in 2012 the film festival in 2014, two people to attend the Oscar ceremony on statement: For the purpose of conveying more information, this does not mean that it is in favor of its opinion or its description.相关的主题文章: