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In order to save money to help his wife cancer husband insisted on withdrawal Beijing – Jia Shaoquan and his wife Long Dayong Gao Qi photo Beijing, Yichang in November 14 (Xinhua Wang Chun Lee Xiao Ting) "as long as I can continue to treat his wife, never mind how." In November 14th, Hubei city in Yichang Province, China Three Gorges University, 52 year old Jia Shaoquan in order to suffering from choriocarcinoma wife suffering from diabetes, saving money, he left foot foot ulcers still resolutely stop drug. Jia Shaoquan is Sichuan people, when working in Guangdong 4 years ago, known from Chongqing dragon dayong. Two married in 2014. In September this year, the Dragon suddenly lower body bleeding Dayong, Yichang China Three Gorges University for treatment, was diagnosed with lung metastasis of choriocarcinoma. His wife fell ill, Jia Shaoquan never give up his heart to treat his wife, even 1 yuan will not mess with. He only eat 2 meals a day, a time to spend only $2 to buy bread, the money to buy me a nutritious soup." Long Dayong said, suffering from diabetic foot, foot ulcers husband also resolutely stop the drug. Jia Shaoquan said, in order to help him and his wife, patients, nurses are extending a helping hand, the hospital also reduced their costs 2000 yuan. "Patients Miss Fu send instant noodles, he gave the nurse Jun milk, nurse Xie Yongqing, often with a meal for us to eat." Jia Shaoquan said that from the beginning of the hospital until now, thanks to the help of good people they can stick to it. "Even though the family is difficult, but even if only owe the hospital 100 yuan, Jia Shaoquan will find ways to pay off, people are very touched." China Three Gorges University nurse Naga Ka said, at present, the Dragon Dayong after chemotherapy has improved, the next step will be to hysterectomy and vascular embolization, as long as adhere to treatment, have more than 80% chance of recovery. Currently, Jia Shaoquan couple has spent more than 50 thousand yuan of medical expenses, follow-up treatment costs also need more than $3, but they have been unable to bear. (end)相关的主题文章: