In Mobile Games restructuring layoffs of 5% CEO personally under the business

In Mobile Games restructuring layoffs of 5% CEO personally Mobile Games internal commerce recently municipality directly under the central government of the structure adjustment, operation center revoked, about 5% jobs, the formal establishment of partnership system, enabling Sam appointed as vice president, CEO Xiao Jian central business. Today, Mr. Xiao Jian sent an internal letter in which he announced details of the company’s architecture and strategic adjustments and explained the reasons. Xiao Jian mentioned 15 key points of the adjustment in the letter: all business division, more vertical management, reduce inter department communication with the two major distribution distribution business operations team, product to prevent arms race, reduce the number of products, focus on quality and strengthening marketing functions, deepening the market closed. Marketing, IOS, volume of delivery, from the media, the official website, user research, art and media integration through. We should introduce more VP marketing to help us achieve the closed-loop penetration focus strong cash flow and high profit business, give up the need for a long time, and explore greater income volatility and low profit rate in our business based on the advantages of IP, and further study we nearly a year to H5 flow market and game player groups with the industry, will officially intensify new online business development H5 game our pure buy the official launch of the business in the second half of the year, soon has exceeded 10 million scale, and maintained a rapid growth, we will further strengthen the development of online games to buy pure research since the spontaneous business based on which we have made in the chess game on achievement and accumulated further, increase efforts to strengthen and develop our chess game, chess game to further expand the scale of profits to further strengthen our technology platform development and support The ability to help us, the business is more reliable, convenient and efficient service business and strengthen our service for the game player game player ability, convenient gaming service, attentive customer service, attractive membership services etc.. We are the authorized IP global cooperation work will be a market in 2017, we will further clarify our overseas distribution business in 2017, overseas revenue will be Mobile Games is also a strong source of growth to further optimize and reduce our manpower cost, operation cost and communication cost, make our maximum efficiency, maximum effectiveness the profit maximization formally established partner mechanism, to further develop the core management responsibility and decision-making optimization and adjustment is in order to better motivate the team, let the team left to fight to get a better return on. In the hands of the tour will be completed in December a new round of the largest efforts to encourage equity products is the lifeblood of the company, to further strengthen the product strategy research and development, to grasp the direction and strategy of products. From the CEO to the business management team must spend more time to develop products and user business functions have been by the channel access and to the amount of change to the depth of strategic cooperation with major channels, and complementary resources, so we need to further enhance cooperation level, business work by CEO and he also personally hang handsome referred to specific the high-level changes: the personnel adjustment is over, I am very pleased to announce that we Luke Young, because of the work of outstanding performance, was promoted to partner and vice president, Luke.相关的主题文章: