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"In July and she" the whole network Premiere Dongyu Zhou buzz climax – Sohu Dongyu Zhou entertainment reputation "in July and she" stills Sohu entertainment news by Dongyu Zhou, starring Ma Sichun Anne. The movie "in July and she", in the 28 day of the major video website online, following the release during the bursting of the good reputation, on the Internet again a high reputation. Identification of the high degree of Dongyu Zhou, clever interpretation of the Li Ansheng, netizens exclaimed, "is born for the big screen," said Mr. Dongyu Zhou". "The whole network premiere in July and still" buzz word of mouth movie climax "in July and she" tells the story of two girls begin to know, from 13 years old love to kill the growth story. Although it is a story of youth theme, but in the original adaptation of the script on the basis of the double reversal with the exchange of life, so that the film is full of suspense. In the early time of release, the film "in July and she" will harvest the industry a high praise, even praise for the salvation of youth". The on-line once on the network, and once again set off a reputation climax, there are a lot of friends regret that did not go into the cinema. Dongyu Zhou smart interpretation of identification of high users: for the big screen and Dongyu Zhou overturns the image of the screen, in the movie "in July and she starred in" an unruly rebellious young girl. She is clever to give the role to add a lot of colour, outpouring of emotion so that the audience is just perfect, into a sense, the audience commented "maybe Dongyu Zhou played very good, and I so many years ago, the quiet mind in shaping the overlapping book when she played live". Earlier, in the film with excellent play, Dongyu Zhou won the Golden Horse Award for best actress nomination. In the whole network premiere, many viewers said "before Dongyu Zhou saw the Golden Horse Award finalists, she thought it was good luck, the movie was amazing to her acting, many repeat many eyes many short dialogue, there are a lot of her personal characteristics" "Dongyu Zhou was born for the big screen, the soaring acting is surprising".   相关的主题文章: