HUAWEI announced in 2016 100000000th mobile phones released a new series of Nova vivo and oppo

HUAWEI announced in 2016 100000000th released a new mobile phone line series Nova against vivo and Tencent OPPO & Guo Xiaofeng October 14th reported today evening, HUAWEI terminal brand new series nova in Chinese released product is priced at 2099 yuan (3G+32G), 2399 yuan (4G+64G), from now on sale online, line 15 sale channel. This is defined as the focus of young users, the design of the flagship boutique route of the phone, in fact, in order to resist the competitive pressure from vivo, OPPO. A month ago, HUAWEI released the first Nova and Nova plus in Berlin, Germany during the IFA exhibition, the overseas price is 399 euros and 429 euros (3GB+32GB). Unlike the main business of the Mate series, but also different from the main fashion P series, Nova series to meet the needs of young users personalized trend. The product, Nova equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, with 3GB+32GB memory combinations, with a 5 inches 1080P screen, 8 million pixel front camera, rear camera 13 million pixels, the battery capacity is 3020mAh. Compared to the HUAWEI nova, Nova plus upgrade to 5.5 inches screen, while the rear camera also upgraded to a 16 million pixel optical camera, the battery capacity of 3340mAh. Due to the optimization of the camera and self time, Nova was considered to be a product of the female market. At the press conference today, the popular small meat Zhang Yixing and high value of Yan long legs Curve Wrecker Guan Xiaotong became the spokesman for nova. You know, vivo, OPPO in the young market, especially women in the light of the appeal of women groups. Visible, Nova on target is vivo, OPPO. Currently, in China’s smart market, HUAWEI ranked first in 18.6%, followed by OPPO and vivo, respectively, accounted for 12.7% and 10.6%. Two market share even more than HUAWEI, HUAWEI is facing a new competitive situation, vivo, OPPO has been listed as the number one rival HUAWEI phones. At the same time, the Mate series, P series stand firm market, HUAWEI has been aware of the competitive pressures from OPPO and vivo in the market below 3000 yuan. According to HUAWEI’s terminal strategy, Nova is one of HUAWEI’s strategy to enrich its product spectrum and consolidate the market. In addition to the release of Nova, President of HUAWEI terminal product line he also announced that the new conference, HUAWEI terminal 100000000th in 2016 officially off the assembly line. This means that HUAWEI terminal to achieve the goal of 2016 annual shipments of 140 million units and a step closer. According to the results show that the first half of HUAWEI terminal, which has completed 60 million 560 thousand shipments of smart phones, an increase of 25%. Yu Chengdong, President of HUAWEI’s consumer business was predicted, in accordance with the normal law, the second half of the market is usually higher than the first half, combined with HUAWEI’s strategic play, HUAWEI annual shipments will easily exceed 140 million units. According to Tencent technology from the inside, this year!相关的主题文章: