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Huang Yilai, a charity for children in poor areas to build the green playground on the afternoon of 12 Huang Yi, actress Huang Yi came to the city of Harbin, to participate in the "Yi Dynamic Fund green playground" Harbin Railway Station ceremony, and help the 2016 happy China · and forum authorization and launch a number of Harbin Railway Station activities, had a close communication with the public and city fans. Will build a playground for poor children in remote areas as a well-known actor, in addition to filming, Huang Yi do the most is to participate in public welfare activities. In 2009, Huang Yizai Shanghai Sports Development Foundation under the support of the establishment of China’s first sports public welfare as the core of the "Yi sports fund" to help improve sports facilities for children in poor areas, and disabled athletes rehabilitation engineering and other sports as the main object of donation. "Yi moving green playground fund will be donated one hundred seat playground for poor schools across the country, Harbin will also serve as the first station of northeast, first started construction site. "Yi Yi fund" for many poor areas of children donated playground, sports facilities, etc., to see the children’s smiling faces, really feel very touched, feel that they have done a very meaningful thing, every smile of the children have brought me strength. There are many feelings when we come to Harbin, and there are many children who need playground. We will choose the places in some poor and remote places, and prepare the green playground for the children. I hope to see the happy smile on their faces." Huang Yi said. Love ice and ice sculpture building praised Harbin the most beautiful winter in Harbin, Huang Yi said "Harbin is the most beautiful in winter!" Originally, many years ago, Huang Yi came to Harbin filming, "that time in Harbin filming for a period of time, I left a good impression.". It feels pretty big this time, or so beautiful." She felt that Harbin is a cultural heritage of the city, the streets, buildings and ice are very characteristic, especially in the city building, is the combination of Chinese and Western style, a sense of history, Harbin is the most beautiful city in the north. Life is low, learn patience, hope to warm more people’s heart, this time, Huang Yi also specially help out 2016 "Happy China · home and lecture hall" Harbin Railway Station authorization and start ceremony. On the spot, she talked about the importance of a happy marriage to her family and society from her own experience. "In the past few years, I have suffered some setbacks, but also entered the low valley of life. During that time, I matured a lot, became stronger and learned love and patience. Patience is a kind of invisible force, let me learn to take responsibility." Huang Yi said. For the future, she hopes to bring more people together with her to do charity, to bring more warmth to those who need help. The reporter Wu Yutong photo.

黄奕来冰城做慈善 为贫困地区孩子建绿色操场 黄奕 12日下午,女星黄奕来到冰城哈尔滨,参加了“奕动基金绿色操场”哈尔滨站的启动仪式,并助阵2016“幸福中国·家和大讲堂”哈尔滨站授权及启动仪式等多项活动,与冰城市民和粉丝们进行了一次近距离的交流。 将为贫困偏远地区孩子建操场 作为一名知名演员,除了拍戏,黄奕做的最多的就是参加公益活动。2009年,黄奕在上海体育发展基金会的支持下,成立了国内首个以体育公益事业为核心的“奕动体育基金”,帮助贫困地区儿童体育设施的完善,以及伤残运动员康复工程等体育事业为主要捐赠对象。 “奕动基金绿色操场”将为全国的贫苦学校捐建一百座操场,哈尔滨也将作为东北首站,率先选址开始建设。“‘奕动基金’为很多贫困地方的孩子们捐赠了操场、 体育设施等,看到孩子们的笑脸,真的觉得很感动,觉得自己做了一件非常有意义的事儿,每个微笑的孩子都带给了我力量。这次来到哈尔滨感触也很多,这里也有 许多孩子需要操场,我们会在一些贫困和偏远的地方选址,为孩子们筹备绿色操场,我希望能在他们的脸上看到幸福的微笑。”黄奕说。喜欢冰城建筑和冰雕称赞哈 尔滨冬天最美 说起哈尔滨,黄奕直言“哈尔滨冬天最美了!”原来,多年前,黄奕就来过哈尔滨拍戏,“那次在哈尔滨拍戏待了一段时间,给我留下的印象不错。这次来感觉变化 挺大,还是那么漂亮。”她觉得哈尔滨是座非常有文化底蕴的城市,这里的街道、建筑、冰灯等都非常有特点,特别是城市里的建筑,是那种中西结合的风格,很有 历史感,哈尔滨是北方最美的城市。 人生低谷学会忍耐希望温暖更多人的心 此次,黄奕还特别助阵2016“幸福中国·家和大讲堂”哈尔滨站授权及启动仪式。活动现场,她从自身的经历谈起了幸福的婚姻对于家庭和社会的重要。“这几 年我遭遇了一些挫折,也进入过人生低谷,那段时间我成熟了许多,内心变得更强大了,也学会了爱和忍耐。忍耐是一种无形的力量,让我学会去承担责任。”黄奕 说。 对于未来,她希望能带动更多人和她一起来做慈善,给需要帮助的人带来更多的温暖。 □记者吴雨桐文 摄相关的主题文章: