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Parenting Families expecting new life tend to be very excited. Especially the expected couple! This is so obvious expression, everyone in the family starts congratulating, pleasing and pampering the expecting couple. A part from this, more attached member of the family start nominating their name for the top baby names to be decided for the new life. But Hey! There are various methods of deciding a top baby names for the coming one. The dependency may be on origin, religion, meaning or culture etc There are few countries like India where in names are decided on the bases of date of birth of the new born baby. Reason for doing so, is that in such countries the new born baby name is governed by the cultural roots of their religion. If the new born baby is not named as per the date of birth, the selected name wont be the lucky one for him or her. As per the religious rituals, in case the name is decided without the birth chart or birth date, the name will not suite the baby and can be inauspicious in future. So, families decide baby names on the basis of birth chart (it a detailed description of the new born future prepared on the basis of – date of birth, place of birth, birth time and gender) or birth date, time of birth, gender and place of birth. As soon as the baby take birth the exact date along with the accurate time and place of the birth is noted by the family or the parents also mentioned on the immunization card of the infant or on the birth certificate generated by the hospital authority. These details are shared to the religious saint who prepares the birth chart and as per the birth whatever comes out to be the letter, letters or phonetics for baby is shared with the family. Now the actual process begins for choosing the name. Family may get 1 to 4 or up to 10 letters or more depending on the birth chart. And from these letters a list of names is generated. Like if they have received S, V, Da, they will make 3 lists of names with each alphabet or phonetics and name best liked will be the one for the little new life. The day on which naming ceremony has been decided will be an auspicious day for the family and the baby will be first called by his or her decided name on this vary day only. This ceremony includes a prayer (depending on a particular culture) for the child including mother; where in both of them need to wear new cloths to sit for the prayer. A get together is to be organised for the nearby relatives. The prayer is followed by the auspicious food prepared for it and then distributed among the gatherers of the occasion as a holy-food. Finally, all the relatives bless the child and the parents for their well being; good wishes and pamper them with the gifts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: