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Business Choosing the wrong hosting provider can lead to many problems for your web businesses. Reliability should be at the top of your list. If your web server goes offline, you can’t make any sales, and that affects your overall income. So be sure to choose a reliable hosting provider. Here are some tips. Tip 1: Choose servers with load balancing capabilities. Tip 2: Choose cpanel hosting – the most popular control panel. Tip 3: Read reviews in webmaster communities. Tip 4: Don’t go for the cheapest. Tip 1: Choose servers with load balancing capabilities. The danger of signing up with a shared plan is that the same machine may be hosting hundreds of websites at the same time. Some sites may require low resource (e.g. static html sites), while other sites may require more resources (e.g. forums or blogs). So if the resource intensive sites hog up all the resources, the servers may slow down to a crawl. In severe cases, the servers may even crash. Load balancing helps to prevent this. The load is shared across multiple CPUs, hence enhancing the loading times considerably. As you know, Google now takes loading times into consideration when ranking sites. So having a fast loading server definitely helps. Tip 2: Choose cpanel hosting – the most popular control panel. Cpanel is the most popular control panel in the hosting community. This is due to its ease of use. A complete newbie can master this control panel within 15 minutes. The buttons are visual, and everything is intuitive. In the event that you get stuck somewhere, there are also tons of resources on the Internet that will provide you with solutions. You can also check the support database for answers. Tip 3: Read reviews in webmaster communities or blogs. Make sure you visit webmaster related sites to read reviews before signing up. Are there are bad reviews? Usually, if the service is decent, everything is quiet in the forums. That is because there are no complains. You can also visit blogs to read hosting reviews. Such reviews will compare features and price and let you make a decision quickly. Tip 4: Don’t go for the cheapest. Finally, don’t settle for a hosting package just because it is the cheapest. On paper, it may offer the best features. But being cheap also means that the hosting company is attracting all sorts of customers. It’s also more likely that the Company is overselling – selling server resources and hoping that customers will not use them. Usually, such service providers have been proven to be unreliable. Due to the sheer number of low quality sites they are hosting on their machines, they find it almost impossible to keep the machines online 24 – 7. Instead, sign up with a reputable company that charges a reasonable price. That will provide you with peace of mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: