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Writing-and-Speaking Every author, whether they be an academic writer or a horror fiction writer, will at some point have to deal with writer’s block. Happily, there is a solution. Asking oneself the question that follow can be a fast track out of writer’s block and may have you writing better than before you got it. Why am I working on this particular piece? You may have started the piece because you found it absolutely inspirational. Maybe you thought it was something that had to be said to your readers. Is it still inspirational? Does it still feel like something that needs to be said? Sometimes, what started off as a good idea turns out to be not so good in the end. It is imperative that you learn to recognize that you have been working on a bad idea and move on to the next one. Have I lost my way? Sometimes writer’s block is your brain’s way of telling you that you are getting off track or that something just isn’t right. Remember why you started writing and get back to basics. Am I writing about things I love to write about? If not, maybe you should. Some professional writers, such as journalist, do not have the luxury of always writing about what they love. That’s ok. Take a break from the assignment and switch gears to something you actually want to write about. You can get back to the assignment later. Exactly how long have I been in this room? Maybe you should migrate to another environment. Sitting in your office 60 hours a week isn’t good for anybody. Pack up the laptop, or take a pen and paper, and go to the park or a coffee shop. Am I a willing writer? Many writers have the opposite problem of not making it to the office at all. This is another form of writer’s block and can be the most dangerous because it allows the author to get into a pattern of laziness. You have to remember that, as a professional, this is your job. Whether you feel like writing or not is not the point. This is how you are paying rent. Sit down and do it. Am I .fortable? Writers are notorious slobs. If this describes you, sooner or later, you are going to have to do something about your writing space. Cleaning it may do the trick. Perhaps moving the desk or the window, or just away from the door will help. A good time to deal with your workspace is when you can’t write. This will not only help improve your writing environment, it also gives your mind a break. That may be all you need. Seize the Opportunity Writer’s block does not have to be a paralyzing event. It can be a great opening for an alteration in your writing process. It is a good time to take a step back and better yourself one way or another. Hopefully, these questions will help you do that. About the Author: J. C. Clain is a freelance inter. marketing consultant and writer. His newest project, An Article Submitter’s Blog, is a free informative website designed to help anybody achieve success with an online business through article marketing. For further information on Inter. and Article Marketing, go to -> An Article Submitter’s Blog Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: