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.munications For a successful enterprise which conditions should be prepared, if analyzes from the resources angle, resources could be divided into three: human, the physical and financial resources. Human, means what kind of person is in control; the physical resource is you have the assorted type material, the .ponents, among these may contain the technology; financial is how strong about you own money, because without money there is no way to established the .pany, we have many domestic enterprises are chain scission of funds, not expanding too fast, that their money is simply not enough. If .bined with other things, then of course, include the brand, interpersonal relationships, and so on. So we can say like this: If the human, physical and financial resources are visible, then the technology, brand and relationships are invisible, these six all together, is called to be a business to start with matter. In human terms, there must be a great leader, a great leader that what should be like? About entrepreneur’s thought that the idea will be direct affected enterprise development various factors on enterprise’s business strategy, technology development, enterprise culture. But an excellent entrepreneur’s basic standard is, he or she whether have the agile thought and the advanced idea, has the agile thought to be able to see clearly its development path in the enterprise development process, can know that .plies with the development of the natural law to cause it even more to carry forward, can know in advance in the future will thus grasp the destiny of the enterprise development. Such as the founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler, his dream is "designed the most suitable sports shoes for the athlete." Under this concept, Adi Dassler in 1920 designed the first pair of sports shoes, because of his constant research and development, so he designed shoes loved by many top players, not only in the Olympic Games stamp and but set a gold medal in the sports field from word of mouth. And his Adidas Classical series is very popular with people. Many enterprises, at the beginning of development, the authority of the leaders is established on the basis of property rights, because he or she is a business owner or major shareholder. As the socialization of property rights and decentralization, he owned shares in the .pany be.e smaller and smaller, at this moment, his prestige is not primarily .e from equity, but from his personal charm. It is an important yardstick to measure the entrepreneurs with corporate profits and sustainable development power of enterprises. Strategic awareness of the entrepreneur must have one of the basic quality, and to lead their .panies to successfully conquer new challenges, set the direction for enterprise development, that need to a leader who has long-term strategic vision, the insight into the ability of tax sensitive, good work ethic and can inspire his subordinates to move into the globalization. A great business leaders must be forward-looking to market, must be able to make effective decision-making scenarios under the fuzzy uncertainty. If you wait until the state clearly, it is likely to have lost the best chance. The vitality of enterprises .es from corporate innovation. Innovation in particular, institutional innovation must lead to .anizational change. If the entrepreneurs have strong strategy conscious, their ability to change strongly, they can easily to resolve a strong resistance that encountered in the ingenuity, to minimize conflicts arise, while allowing their intention to implement within the enterprise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: