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Business The quality archival boxes are referred to as archival quality storage boxes. These document storage boxes meet the standards that are set by the National Archives in the Washington D.C. The term ‘archival quality’ refers to high quality file storage boxes that have papers and boards with specific chemical and physical properties designed to ensure the contaminants remain stable for a long period of time. In the legal sense, there is not actual government and court-approved definition of archival quality. For customer of companies for manufacturer and sell office storage boxes, relying on the description alone is not enough to distinguish and determine if this is the product they are looking for. The Environmental Protection Agency set a list of standards that help support the claims for these archive boxes. The most innovative and forward progressing standards is those storage boxes that are considered acid free storage boxes. Document Storage boxes adhere to the standard of permanence as one of the key factors to assessing the paper and cardboard of the products. The permanence of theses storage boxes should be able to resist chemical and physical alternations that occur over time. The importance is especially in the transport of the record storage boxes which will be sent through places of various climates and temperatures. Chemical stability of file storage boxes is achieved through the quality of the fiber used, as well as ensuring an alkaline reserve, such as calcium or magnesium carbonate, is added to the fiber helping to combat further acid degradation of the board. Since acid free storage boxes are the key standard it is importance to use a cardboard liner that lacks in sulfur or any chemical substance that will not acidically burn off ink or paper lining within the archive boxes. All paper products degrade slowly and form acids such as acetic acid, which is a catalyst that can lead to further degradation and may migrate to the contents of the box, damaging all the items inside. The second quality that is looked for in the protection of the containments of document storage boxes is the durability. Durability is the second of the two factors and relates to the ability of a product to resist the effects of wear and tear during use. Heavy duty storage boxes and big storage boxes meet the standards of physical resistance for corrugated storage boxes. For typical record storage boxes physical stability and strength is provided through the use of long, high-quality fiber such as cotton or fully bleached softwood pulp. To adhere to the standards of the National Archives, instead of using bleached pulp, the manufacturers of these storage boxes utilize acid free corrugated medium to install strength with damaging the containments. An effective assessment of the acid free storage boxes relies on a number of several interrelated factors of which test results are only one part. The performance of a product over the long-term relates to the design and construction of the archive boxes, as well as its use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: