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How can we do not show the month old? How to fill up? Mother China – Sohu since ancient times, attach great importance to postpartum confinement, the production is a major event in life for women, especially in the ancient production is a high risk of postpartum blood through things, dissipation, physical injury, with some food and medicinal food to help restore. But in the end how confinement? Many have a womanishly fussy method inherited from the elders, but some traditional confinement concept is not suitable to the modern, in fact according to the climate and environment, the current living conditions, as well as popular nutritional status, make modern people’s physique has changed, so it needs a larger adjustment in the month sub prescriptions. The following month sit the common problems. Why should the confinement? From the Chinese point of view, the production process of female consumption injury of blood gas, modern production technology, coupled with adequate nutrition, although not like ancient maternal Haoshang blood is serious, but the production process or how much will cause some physical damage, so the appropriate medicine tonic, help the body organ reply to solve the state before pregnancy, postpartum discomfort, not only help postpartum physiological, endocrine function recovery, many problems on prenatal body mass can be improved. Who needs confinement? No matter natural delivery or caesarean section to confinement, and both in confinement and prescription also has some differences, such as natural birth and caesarean section take days and start taking soup time are different. In addition to miscarriage or abortion in pregnant weeks to need confinement, especially habitual abortion should be nursed back to health, and many of them have physical problems, no reason for the conditioning, the same situation will happen next may. The month to do? Postpartum recuperation, is actually the puerperium conditioning, modern medicine will be output after the placenta began to count six weeks, said the puerperal period (puerperium), this time just let body after childbirth and maternal organs recovered to pre pregnancy state time, such as the uterus to go back to their original size, so the confinement can do 6 to 8 weeks is the best, if the reality does not allow, can do at least a month or better. How to sit? The confinement is not only Sibu, also includes live mixing, mastering the diet taboo principle, the most important to the proper collocation of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has a substantial role to regulate, can really do a good month. Medicine using segmented conditioning, different stages have different focus on conditioning, first to second to nourishing blood stasis, invigorating Qi, tonifying the spleen and kidney to third bones, according to individual maternal condition can be collocation of different treatment methods to solve other discomfort in three stages. Principles of living 1 sleep well, more rest. 2: eat good food. The 3 line: less labor, reduce the stairs, to avoid bending heavy lifting, squatting, kneeling, sitting for a long time. 4: clothes to keep warm, avoid blowing cold, do not touch cold water. The thickness of clothing should be appropriate, to avoid overheating excessive sweating. 5 regular defecation, pay attention to the genitals, anus cleaning. 6 keep the wound dry. .相关的主题文章: