Hongkong shame MPs refused to repent dismissed will be disastrous-mia farrow

Hongkong "shame" MPs refused to repent dismissed only to the original title: "shame" MPs refused to repent will only provoke outrage dismissed people [Global Times special correspondent in Hongkong, Hongkong "Blue Youth new" tour members Huizhen and beam on Songheng in a solemn oath taking ceremony openly advocated "Hong Kong Independence" and abusive and insulting the country and the nation, and even global Chinese anger caused by Hongkong. However, under the condemnation of the community, the two still refused to apologize. Some critics said, Hong Kong Independence is the essence of secession, a serious violation of the "one country, two systems" and the relevant provisions of the basic law, a serious violation of the common wishes of all Chinese people. According to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported on October 31st, Hongkong English media HKFP days before the tour Huizhen published reports, including a photo display, her office is still hanging "Hong Kong is not China" flag next to the whiteboard more marked "People" s Ref× cking of Chee-na ", consistent with on the day of her remarks insulted China, reflecting her incorrigible. Tour Huizhen claimed in an interview, even if the correct read the oath, the government can claim that they read wrong, then cancel the qualification, "since there is no standard government, why not make a commitment to herself, to the people of Hong Kong?" She reiterated his oath and beam Songheng very seriously, is not naive and ignorant. Its Office spokesman also claimed that the photo was taken in the office of members, not a public place, if you want to promote Hong Kong Independence, it is not in the office". Mo Jiajie initiated joint request to cancel two members criticized on tour Huizhen can not accept the practice, she immediately asked to apologize. Some netizens "apology is useless", they can "not really benefit the people, people will only fan the flames". Ma Enguo, chairman of the China Australia law exchange foundation, said that the photos can be used as evidence. "The oaths and Declarations Ordinance" article twenty-first "mentioned, refuses or neglects to take the oath, if not the office shall be canceled the qualification as" photos clearly show the oath; foul language pronunciation, if the defense lawyer is still in "accent" or "tongue" intent excuse, the attorney general may submit this photo as evidence, again, not sure Liang Songheng swim Huizhen slip. Barrister Xiao Zhenran also said that as long as the English media photograph is not illegal, it can be used as evidence in court. Chief executive Liang Zhenying "judicial review as country membership, scheduled for November 3rd in the high court. In recent days, the Hongkong Society for their words and deeds continue to condemn. The financial secretary Ceng Junhua in the blog that day in the overseas tour was to know Liang Shina call the motherland, feel very surprised, they ignore all suffered discrimination the Chinese people feel, is really very ignorant decision. In October 31st the "Hongkong daily" editorial said, which in fact the oath storm, is not in violation of regulations, the oath of compliance program, but involved in violation of the "basic law", denying China sovereignty, don’t "one country two systems" and the 3 countries to demonize相关的主题文章: