Hongkong next week to hold a handmade Beer Festival is expected to exceed last year’s admission-easeljs

Hongkong Beer Festival is expected to hand held next month in attendance last year – Beijing, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, craft beer in Hongkong in recent years the popularity of Hong Kong s biggest beer festival manual Beertopia will be 18 next month, for two days in the central waterfront space for activities. This year, more than 65 wineries in the region to introduce a very local characteristics of handmade beer, the number of the crown of all previous. Beertopia founder Su city, local craft beer culture increasingly mature, is expected this year than last year 13 thousand people in attendance potential. 65 local beer fifth Craft Beer Festival Beertopia gathered from around the world more than 100 wineries, craft beer a number of 500, 65 from 14 local breweries manual beer, but there is no lack of local elements, such as salty lemon brewed "salty lemon beer", inspired by the salty lemon seven tea restaurant, full of flavor; Hong Kong female beer "," Hong Kong male beer respectively add pepper aniseed, and red dates longan?, "Oh, Bacon!" Smoke meat has unique craft beer, smoked taste. Beer Festival this year, more divided into five themed areas, including Hongkong Road area, selling a variety of local snacks such as fried chestnuts, egg and so on in order to you. In addition, hookah garden, music in Japan theme area, tropical rain forest and the European beer garden district. Beertopia tickets are now available at the online public offering fares according to the charging time, ranging from 235 to 495 yuan, with a cup of beer or 10 tokens manual. The other visitors to buy convertible tokens, beer and food. (reporter Xie Jinheng)相关的主题文章: