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Hong Kong media: the mainland release "black" population registration hot DNA identification – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on February 19th in the Hong Kong media said the government has vowed to carry on the household registration currently excluded all personnel in the household registration system outside the mainland, providing DNA service mechanism of paternity was unexpected. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" quoted in February 18th the "Chengdu daily" reported that Sichuan Province, a third party authentication institution "gene lattice forensic" received so many requests for DNA paternity appointment, the staff that during the Lunar New Year Festival have no rest. The report quoted an employee of the institution as saying: "there are telephone calls and people who make identification every day."." "There are about 300 telephone calls throughout the Spring Festival, and 40 cases have been identified, but in recent years almost zero."." Reported that DNA paternity needs began in January, the State Council issued an administrative decree, requiring the provincial government to take specific measures for household registration without household registration personnel. In response to the aging population and shrinking labor force, the mainland formally ended the one-child policy in December last year and signed a law allowing married couples to have two children, the report said. To apply for home admission, these personnel must now provide DNA paternity testing results to prove their biological relationship with their parents. Another forensic expert in Chengdu told the Chengdu Commercial Daily that after the decree was issued, more than 100 applicants were identified by DNA, three times as many as the usual identification.

港媒:内地放开“黑户”人口登记 催热DNA鉴定-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月19日报道 港媒称,在政府发誓要对目前被排除在户籍制度之外的所有人员进行户口登记之后,内地提供DNA亲子鉴定服务的机构获得了意外收获。   香港《南华早报》2月18日援引《成都商报》的报道称,四川省一家第三方鉴定机构“基因格司法鉴定所”收到了如此之多要求进行DNA亲子鉴定的预约,以至于工作人员在农历新年春节期间都无法休息。   报道援引这家机构一名雇员的话说:“每天都有咨询电话和来做鉴定的人。”   “整个春节有300个左右的咨询电话,做了40例鉴定,而往年几乎为零。”   报道称,DNA亲子鉴定需求始于国务院1月颁布行政令要求各省政府采取具体措施对没有户籍的人员进行户口登记。   报道称,为了应对人口老龄化和劳动力萎缩问题,内地去年12月正式结束了独生子女政策,签署了法令允许已婚夫妇生育二孩。   要想申请入户,这些人员现在必须提供DNA亲子鉴定结果,证明他们与父母的生物学关系。   成都另外一家司法鉴定机构的雇员告诉《成都商报》,行政令颁布后的那个月,鉴定所为100多位申请户口的人进行了DNA鉴定,是通常鉴定数量的三倍。相关的主题文章: