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Him Law Tavia Yeung: busy beat the game before I promised not to spend money after [Abstract] the groom in an interview and "sugar", while distressed wife with the wedding is too hard, while Tavia Yeung also exposes her own, and put down hard "not to spend money". Him Law and Tavia Yeung Information Times reported in September 8th the entertainment news one after another, in Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung’s wedding news, Tavia Yeung and Him Law will also put the wedding banquet in October 2nd. From the wedding in less than a month’s time, Him Law was busy shooting Iqiyi network drama "Infernal Affairs" in Shenzhen, work hard to make money, the size of the wedding to Tavia Yeung. Yesterday, the reporter went to visit Shenzhen, the groom in an interview and "sugar", while distressed wife with the wedding is too hard, while Tavia Yeung also exposes her own, and put down hard "not to spend money". Good mood is a good spirit in his tight shooting schedule, and "joy puts heart into a man". A remake of the classic is expected to help up popularity "my role and Andy Lau feels different" career has been regarded as a "man humble" Tavia Yeung Him Law CP, the number of marriage are not optimistic about the outside world. But in fact, in recent years, Him Law actively explore the mainland market to earn "family". Currently, he is busy filming the drama "Infernal Affairs". In view of the film version of Infernal Affairs has been a generation of viewers in the minds of the classic, the drama version of the shooting trend has also been widely concerned. Challenge the classic bold move, is expected to help Him Law catch up with his wife in popularity. Network drama version of "Infernal Affairs" invited Him Law and Gallen Law partner mainland actor Wang Yang, and Damian Lau, Eric Tsang, Bernice Liu, Guo Zhenghong and other guest star. According to a public key creative introduction, network drama version of the story is a continuation of the movie, is the end of the 10 year after the film version of the story of things, but the character set and the movie are similar in many places, such as Him Law’s black police, on the analogy can be played by Andy Lau Liu Jianming, Wang Yang’s underworld undercover. Tony Leung plays Chen Yongren analogy. Before the film version of the Pearl River, after the shooting of the drama version of the news, many netizens questioned whether the new version will destroy the classic". Him Law said: "the film version is a classic, we should not go beyond the classic, only need to do their part. Drama version is a continuation of the film, each role is not the same, although my character and Andy Lau is very similar, but in fact is the two style, the feeling is very different." Busy working with the bride separated "play will be reported, the passion play is not" the South moment is still in the hot mode, but Him Law and the actors have to switch to the winter mode, put on a sweater fur coat to other more wind, which makes Him Law in the studio shouted heat. However, this is not the hardest part of him. The play, as the "black police" and he has a lot of play, with rival Wang Yang Wang Yang said: "we play very crisp, guys are excited." However, Tavia Yeung looked distressed. Him Law said: "I have to take our play part to her, she saw me so hard to make money, and I said she won’t be spending money." The wedding of Him Law, with the whole process of smiling mouth, partner burst money相关的主题文章: